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Update: Brandon and Courtney have requested that I put up all 26 of your questions, so here you all go! Enjoy!  :)

All right guys, here we go with our first Q+A of the year! Feel free to leave a comment about the Q+A above - chances are good that at least one of the Rouths will view them. Thanks again to Brandon!

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Session 1 - June 24, 2010

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the Q&A.  I would also like to apologize for taking so long in getting these answers back to you.  I’m very grateful to all of you for supporting my career and cheering me on!  You are the best, and most dedicated fans!  I look forward to having many more Q&A’s as future jobs present themselves.

Brandon Routh

1) Do you have any news about your current projects that you can share?
Looking forward to Scott Pilgrim coming out August 13th! Comic Con should be fun :)

2) As I just watched Episode 3 X 13 of Chuck, I see that there’s a slight-tiny-little chance that the character Shaw could come back in the series (they did do that for Bryce Larkin after all) so my question is: do you have any possibility to sign some more episodes of this show assuming there’s another season (crossing her fingers) or any hint of that and would you at least be willing to keep on with the Shaw persona a little more. I think that this character is deep and could be very interesting to develop as a good/bad character. By the way I was really impressed by your acting and you were really frightening in some of the last scenes! *thumbs up*
(Brandon's Note: --Not sure this question is valid since the season is now over.) As for next season, I really don’t know. Anything is possible in the world of “Chuck”. :) As for the rest of the season, well, just stay tuned. It’s a surprising show. Thanks for the kind words!

3) First of all, great job on Chuck! In the episodes you appeared on, which one is your most fav and why?
Thanks very much! My favorite episode was episode 13. I feel it finally gave me an opportunity to really do some good character work. Much of the time, Shaw was needed to setup, and move story forward. In thirteen, we get the chance to see him as a real person, and understand what’s going on in his head.

4) Hi Brandon! As a straight man, how do you feel about all the attention and admiration you get from gay male fans?
I’m happy to have anyone as a fan, no matter sexual orientation, race, religion, political party, or sports team affiliation.

5) Your work on "CHUCK" was great--how was doing a television series different from shooting a movie? How was it working on that show--did you like the other actors you worked with?
There are many differences between film and television acting, some good, some bad. Television is cool because you get pretty much instant gratification. You get to see your work right away. On the downside, tv moves very, very quickly. With film, there is generally more time to work with the director and cast to rehearse and really get a scene right. “Chuck” has a seven day shoot schedule. Seven days to film 45 to 50 pages of story. That’s about six to eight pages a day that must be shot. It’s more challenging to shoot because of the condensed schedule.

As for the other actors on the show, honestly, they are all wonderful. I was welcomed with open arms by cast and crew. There is a nice sense of camaraderie and support on set.

6) Was he ever told the exact depth of Shaw and Sarah's relationship. Were they dating/sleeping together or whatever cause the show never clarified.
I was told in a very broad sense what Shaw’s relationship with Sarah would become. I think one thing that suffered due to time was developing the relationship between Sarah and Shaw.

7) You were fantastic as a villain in the last two episodes of Chuck. But you were a villain with depth. Loved it. Please tell me, How was that experience for you? And, Would you like to continue playing bad guys in the future?
Villain? No, Shaw is just misunderstood! :) Well, I’m not usually drawn to play the bad guy, but this was a unique experience in that I was a good guy, turned bad. And coming from that perspective I had a firm hold on what Shaw really felt and wanted. It came from a real place, with real emotions. So, in his mind he wasn’t being bad, he was just righting a wrong. That’s how he saw it anyway. That aspect of Shaw was a lot of fun for me because those scenes dealt strictly with character, (no spy dialogue or exposition) and I could really put myself emotionally in Shaw’s shoes.

8) In Scott Pilgrim your character is a blonde and you clearly aren't, but first of all, have you ever been bold enough to bleach to go blonde, and second what was your first reaction to seeing yourself in that insane blonde wig?
When I was 19 or 20 some stylist tried to add some blond “tips” to my hair because they said it was the “in” thing in Hollywood. Against my better judgment I went along with it and sure enough, it looked terrible on me. I ended up going home and trimming it all off that same day!

Wearing the blonde wig to play Todd Ingram was pretty wild. It definitely held put me in character and gave me a lot of rock star swagger. It was pretty bizarre for the first few days to look at myself in the mirror and see someone very different. I’m sure there will be people who will get to the end of the movie and see the credits scroll and say, “Wow, that was Brandon Routh, I had no idea!”

9) When filming on location in New Orleans, what surprised you from your preconceived expectations of the area? And is the food as good as everyone says it is?
What shocked me most about New Orleans was how small a city it really is. It’s a friendly place with a lot of heart.

Yes, there is most certainly some great food down there! Not much of it “healthy”, but very tasty :) I had more than one great steak.

10) Considering your role in a film that has both zombies and werewolves (which is so badass), did you find those types of films entertaining before accepting the role? And are all guys secretly huge fans of "Army of Darkness?" Because I swear, they are. Every. Last. One.
Well, I really can’t speak for all guys, but yes, I do love “Army of Darkness”. I’m willing to bet that that 85% of the American male population loves it. :)

I do enjoy zombie/werewolf/creature movies. I’m not huge on horror films though. That is a bit of a contradiction I guess, but generally if a movie has the undead in it, I like it. I love films especially like “Shaun of the Dead”, which had such an amazing balance of comedy, action and zombie/horror. And so it was doubly cool to work with Edgar Wright, the director of that fine film.

“28 Days Later”, (and Danny Boyle is an amazing director too) is a pretty epic film as well. I guess those Brits know something about making good zombie movies!

11) OK I know this one's getting old, BUT w/regards 2 Supes is their anything left fans can hope 4 in terms of B returning?
The only thing I can really speak to in regards to this question is that, I’d love to. With Chris Nolan (again, another extremely talented director…and British!) shepherding the new film, it’s anybody’s guess what will happen. I look forward to meeting with him if I have the opportunity, and to discuss the project.

The most important thing, no matter who plays Superman, is that they are able to truly honor and uphold the legacy of the character that is so deeply loved by so many.

12) What special qualities do you think your portrayal of Superman will be remembered the most in the history of the character?
I did my best to uphold the version of Superman that Christopher Reeve so wonderfully portrayed. That was my job, to somehow continue that same feeling in a film that was pretty much a sequel of sorts.

Well, in “Returns” Supes goes through a lot! I always wanted to make sure he never got down, or depressed, but was always searching for some way to fix the problem, some way to overcome the obstacles. I view him as an amazing philosopher, although we never really get to hear any of this, it comes out through his actions and the way he approaches challenges.

Also, my intentions were to keep him flowing at all times. When walking or flying, he would always have grace because it was nothing for him to move, it should be effortless. I guess, unless you are lifting a boat, or a plane…or…New Krypton.

13) Um.. maybe have Brandon Routh star on Smallville? Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, and Tom Welling have all played Clark Kent. Brandon Routh is the only Clark Kent that hasn't starred on Smallville
Would be fun, but perhaps a it might be a little bit strange since my portrayal of Superman was more recent than the others.

14) i wonder, will BR consider to make any social network site or a website that really belong to him, his own it. So we all can talk to him directly.
Honestly, I have always been cautious of social networking opportunities. Yes, it can be a good way of maintaining a fan base, but also I think some people share too much. Nobody really needs to know what I had for breakfast because I tweeted about it…breaking news from CNN? Maybe more important. :)

As for owning my own site…well, someone bought (not Iris) before I was able to. And it became more or less a matter of not wanting to pay someone else to get back what rightfully should be mine. I can be stubborn in that way. The Internet is still like the wild wild west in that respect.

Oh! And just want to restate that I am not on MySpace, Facebook or Twitter! If you are talking to a Brandon Routh on one of those sites, it is not me. It’s a creepy feeling to be honest. I might get an account in the future, but rest assured, I will let Iris know if I do.

15) Have to say that I admire you so much. I've seen most of your movies and tv work, and I love your acting style. It's very subtle and nuanced. I'd like to know what role has been the most challenging so far and what role have you enjoyed the most?
I’d have to say Superman is the answer to both questions. He is such an iconic character that you can’t just be Superman on screen, you have to uphold the legacy to some extent as a person as well. If I filmed the movie, then ran around Hollywood partying, doing and saying dumb things, then that would not bode well for the film. Not to say that this was much of a challenge for me as I don’t party that much and do my best to think before I speak, but it’s still something I choose to bear in mind.

Also, the physical demands were often times grueling. Not just the workouts, but the wire-work was not always the most fun.

16) First of all, thank you for agreeing to do this Q and A. It means so much to us, your devoted fans. Do you find kissing/love scenes awkward or uncomfortable to do?
Well, they can be awkward, but usually not. Although, in “In Security”, the first scene I shot was one of those. You get to set on the first day and get introduced to the crew wearing a robe…that’s awkward. I have encountered an overly-aggressive actress before, we clanged teeth!…haha.

17) What does it feel like to be married? :)
Marriage is great:) It’s an amazing feeling to have found someone that feels like home. I have pretty good role models in my parents, so it was never something I felt nervous or negative about. And thankfully I found the perfect person for me. I’ve become a better person since getting married. You really have to listen and learn to work with another person on a day-to-day basis to become a great team.

18) any plans to start a family soon? :)
Yes. And I’m sure everyone will hear about it when it happens. :)

19) what charitable causes are you involved in? :)
I’ve worked with Service Nation the last few years. They promote community service on the community and national levels. Habitat For Humanity, Americorps, City Year, are some of the organizations I’ve worked with. I believe giving back at home is of the utmost priority.

I’ve worked with several after school programs (After School All-stars) as well, that help keep kids busy and out of trouble when school ends.

20) In one of your previous Q & A’s you answered my question about maybe you and Courtney developing a production company someday. My question is if you might have any projects in development and if so, would you be able to “spill the beans”?
We don’t have anything currently in development. We do have ideas of genres we like. And when the time is right, and we’ve found some dynamite material it will happen.

21) Now that you are a Hollywood "A" lister, what's it like to go to all the award shows and/or big Hollywood parties? Do you ever get star struck or nervous around other celebrities?
It can be a lot of fun, especially when you get to meet cool people. In the beginning, Courtney and I didn’t know anyone, so the parties were a bit nerve-wracking because we’d just be standing there with no one to talk to but ourselves! It was pretty intimidating at first. But then we got to meet more and more cool people and now there are many actors that we’re friendly with. Oh, and having to get dressed up all the time can get a bit stressful. You always have to get new clothes for the red carpet, and shopping is not my favorite thing. :P

22) When you were a child, what was the one food that you just couldn't choke down no matter how much your parents threatened you? Do you still hate it?
Mushrooms and celery! I still dislike celery immensely. Mushrooms are ok now. I like portabellas and enoki mushrooms are good at Japanese restaurants.

23) What is your favorite book (all time favorite and most recent)? Mine is "Old Man and the Sea" by Hemingway... short, simple & inspiring. Probably the same reason my kids love "The Giving Tree." Best Wishes from Tucson :)
This is a tough question. I’m going to go with “Hounds of the Morrigan”, by Pat O’shea. This is a fantasy book that takes place in Ireland. It was the first of its genre that I read and it inspired me both to read and write more. It reminds me of the “Neverending Story”.

24) Hello Brandon! I know your sister Sara has a wonderful singing voice and I was wondering if we will ever get to hear you sing as well. I understand that your voice isn’t too bad either!
Hmm… I suppose it could happen someday. And yes, Sara has a tremendously beautiful voice, as does my mother. I’m a decent singer but I think my voice is not really suitable for solo singing since I’m a bass/ baritone. But if I had the opportunity to do a musical movie, I would entertain the idea.

25) I may be asking a bit too much but what would you have been if not an actor ? What is the part of your profession that you don't like?
I would’ve been a writer. Actually, I probably would’ve gone into advertising, and written on the side. That was my plan anyway before moving to LA.

The worst part of this profession is the waiting! Ask any actor and it’s probably top three on their list. Waiting for jobs, waiting for the start of a film, waiting in your trailer for the shot to be set up, waiting for the movie to come out. So, what I work on now is to not think of it as “waiting”, by finding something useful to do in the meantime.

26) If money were a limitless supply, and your wife consented, what would be your dream car? Classic muscle car or speed demon?
Speed isn’t necessarily the big seller, it’s how it looks for me. I’ve always thought the Ford GT was a pretty slick car. Though I like a lot of cars, this one is nice.

If I were to do a classic muscle care, I’d go with a Plymouth Roadrunner (loved them as a kid).

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And I’ve driven the Audi R8 which is pretty sweet too. [Iris's Note: Brandon drove an R8 in CHUCK]


Anonymous said...

Thank you Brandon, Courtney and lastly Iris for not making us wait any longer.

This Great Q&A session will help tide us all over while we wait for "Scott Pilgrim Vs. Todd Ingram" ;) Ha ha and "Dylan Dog Dead of Night."

Here's to you and Courtney getting all the great jobs you really want in the future.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful Q&A! And an early Happy Birthday to Courtney

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thank you Brandon. Thank you all for making this possible. :D Very interesting and thoughtful answers. Hope this is not the last time this happens, and I also hope to see you in many more good movies or tv shows (seriously can't wait for Scott Pilgrim and especially for Dead of Night; Dylan Dog rocks!).
Best to you, Brandon and your family always. You will forever be my fave Supes and Clark.


Iris said...

so what was your guys' fave question or answer? i really thought his response to his gay fans question was hilarious - 'sports team affiliation.'

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRHDAY, Courtney! :)

And just in case you're reading this, I'd like to share this beautiful song with you and Brandon. I think it also works as a wonderful wedding song,

"My Treasure" - Scott Wesley Brown

"so what was your guys' fave question or answer? i really thought his response to his gay fans question was hilarious - 'sports team affiliation.'"

That was really funny too. I think some of his answers were really funny, and I liked that a lot.:) My fave is probably when he said that Shaw was just misunderstood! :P I liked it because in a way I agree with him, lol! ;)


Lois said...

Brandon, First off I was blown away in Superman Returns, you picked up Christopher Reeve's mannerisms as Superman but also gave the man of steel your own flair. Also was happy to see you on Chuck :) NOW here's my question... If you could play ANY character in ANY movie what would be your top 5 roles?

Anonymous said...

What are your fav. hobby

Anonymous said...

hello sir, i m ur gr8 fan from india.i have watch ur each and every movie. gr8 job U R THE BEST said...

brandon, how are you? I'm a fan of Superman and I confess that I was upset to learn that you will not make the next movie! you should make the movie again! I will send an email to Warner! would like an autographed picture of you, how?
Rodrigo AB

Thomas Drake said...

Hi Brandon,
My name is Thomas Drake and I'm a fan from El Paso, Tx. Anyway, I just wanted to ask if any other superhero roles would interest you in the future? Thanks.

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