Pictures Update: "Lie to Me" and "Harold & Kumar"

Sunday, June 08, 2008 by Iris with
Images from the premieres of "Lie to Me" and the second "Harold & Kumar" films are in the gallery now.

View: Lie to Me | Harold & Kumar

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Anonymous said...

I don't think Brandon can take a bad photo!

Brandon/Superman is on MSN home page (see below web address) that grades the various Superhero's costumes--they gave our favorite Superhero a C. Are they crazy? I personally think it deserves at least an A++++. I don't know what they are thinking...Superman's costume is what all Superhero costumes try to emulate. They mentioned something about the red in Brandon's verion of the costume as being burgandy and not a true red--but if they had researched it, they would know the original Superman's costume is a deeper red and blue. I think with all it's detail it is the best Superhero costume by far!

I hope Brandon's family are all OK as the floods in Iowa are really devastating. They are in our thoughts and prayers.

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