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Friday, May 30, 2008 by Iris with
Brandon recently spoke out to news outlets about his involvement in Superman, "Dead of Night," "Lie to Me," and NBC's summer horror anthology series Fear Itself.
caught up with Brandon to discuss shooting "Fear Itself."

"My episode, Community, deals with kind of the dark side of humanity and how - how people can be led - you know, people don't, a lot of times, want to make decisions on their own or live life for themselves. So they begin to follow other people and say, 'Oh, this is how I should do it. I should be like this person. This is how my life should be because these people are doing it,' rather than thinking for themselves. So my character Bobby and his wife, who - my wife is played by Shiri Appleby - want to have a family, so we need to find a house. So we go to a planned community, and it's not quite what we think it's going to be at first. It turns into something much more." has an interview with Brandon and director Munroe on DoN:

"He's [Dylan Dog] haunted by love. Always wanting it, but tragically loosing it. He's pretty superstitious and it plays a role in how he lives his life. In the script it makes for some fun moments. He has a dry sense of humor, witty and sarcastic at times. His sometimes cavalier attitude reminds me a bit of Han Solo. The reluctant hero." spoke with him about Superman, "Lie to Me" and "Fear Itself."

"I've been asked that question many times [Re: Batman vs. Superman] and at first, I think I've been quoted as saying that Superman and Batman should never fight each other which makes sense to me. They should be fighting together on the same team, but Christian is certainly a great actor and a very nice guy. I'm excited for the new "Batman." So I'll open up my view because I know that people want to see it and maybe there's a story that could be told that way that makes sense to me. So I won't put it out anymore. I won't say no anymore."

Lastly, Brandon is joining Anthony Lapaglia's (CBS's "Without A Trace") Hollywood soccer team Hollywood United. Last year, Brandon played one game for charity. More info.

"Actor Brandon Routh has signed up to play alongside Dermot Mulroney, Sex Pistols Steve Jones and Paul Cook and reggae stars Ziggy and Rohan Marley to take part in summer league matches and testimonials."

Check back next week for pictures from two movie premieres: "Harold & Kumar" and "Lie to Me."

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