LA Celebrity All Star Charity Weekend

Monday, August 06, 2007 by Iris with
Brandon participated in a charity basketball game in Los Angeles Sunday evening benefiting at-risk youth programs. For more information about the event visit LA Stars.
- LA Celebrity All Star Charity Weekend [+19]
[Pictured at left with potential Captain Marvel/Shazam actor Brandon Molale]


Anonymous said...

As always, our favorite Superhero can't take a bad photo--my only complaint would be that the rating for the photo's only goes up to 5 stars--when clearly some of these photo's rate at least 10 stars :-)

On a less shallow note--what a great guy Brandon is--he is continually lending his name, athleticsism, and celebrity to help out those less fortunate (his sister Sarah also does many events for charity as well). It disappoints me that the media doesn't cover these events, and chooses rather to fill the news programs and entertainment shows with the latest mishaps of the untalented bubble headed bleach blonds in Hollywood are doing. Brandon and Sarah should be applauded for all the charity work they have done, and I know their efforts have helped change the lives of the people these charities benefit. Kudo's to you both!!

BTW--did Brandon's team win?

Iris said...

The blue team beat Brandon's white team.

Anonymous said...

Even though Brandon's team didn't win, he is always a winner in our hearts. Once again, it is nice seeing him in some candid shots (looking like a real person) and not the "product" photos we usually see.

Anonymous said...

he is so simple and so human, always helping to those who need it.

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