Brandon the Drummer

Monday, August 13, 2007 by Iris with
The New York Post interviewed Kevin Connolly (HBO's Entourage) who revealed that he and Brandon are doing a film about the first interracial band in the '30s.
I'm going to do a movie, I'm acting in it. I'm playing Benny Goodman in a movie…It's the story of him and Gene Krupa…Brandon Routh, Superman [is playing Gene]. …It's about the first interracial band in the thirties. With Teddy Wilson and Lionel Hampton and you know these guys came and they just blew them away…[They are played by] Nick Cannon and Ludacris.
Update: Brandon is currently taking drum lessons in preparation for the role of Gene Krupa.

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Anonymous said...

This role sounds like it is really up Brandon's alley. Dad Ron is a drummer and I am sure he can give Brandon some pointers ;) !

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