Superman 2 Delayed?

Monday, July 02, 2007 by Iris with
Updated July 7th: IESB debunks the rumor.

According to RottenTomatoes, Bryan Singer's next project after Valkyrie is not the Superman sequel.
"Bryan Singer had previously told us that the "Superman Returns" sequel "Superman: The Man of Steel" would be his next film after "Valkyrie." His producers tell another story. Neil Meron and Craig Zadan have Singer lined up to direct "The Mayor of Castro Street," a story of gay rights activist Harvey Milk, within a year.
Note that this does not come from Singer himself, but rather the biopic's producers. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad Bryan is directing/telling this story, one that needs to be told, and one only Bryan can tell with his passion and insight on this topic. BUT, I just hope it won't delay the Superman sequel. I really hope Bryan directs the Superman sequel as I think he did an AWESOME job on Superman Returns. I know he said he is going to go all "Wrath of Khan" on the sequel, but I really liked how he made Superman more "real" in SR and I know he'd continue to do the same while stepping up the action scenes a bit--not that SR didn't have tons of great action scenes. I also think he and Brandon made a great creative duo--I really think they all made "magic" happen on screen--I wouldn't have changed a thing.

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