"Superman Returns" Images

Thursday, July 05, 2007 by Iris with
Various Superman Returns-related imagery have been added to the gallery. They include set pictures, red carpet premieres, and press conferences.
- Superman Returns Behind The Scenes [+21]
- Superman Returns (Paris) Press Conference [+6]
- Superman Returns (Paris) Premiere [+3]
- Superman Returns (London) Premiere [+7]
- Superman Returns (Tokyo) Press Conference [+3]
- Superman Returns Miscellaneous [+1]

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Anonymous said...

Hard to believe it's been a year since the opening of "Superman Returns" These photo's are great and take us back to the fun and excitement of last summer. I know I spent most of my weekends in the IMAX theater watching SR and taking everyone I know with me! I hope Brandon has enjoyed his celebrity status as much as we have enjoyed watching him. He really is living the "Hollywood Dream" and what's even better, is that this is only the beginning.

Also, I have collected a ton of the Superman Returns memorabilia but am missing one of the toy action figures of Lex Luther's
character covered in Kryptonite--J5185. If anyone know's where I could get one please let me know.

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