Another Fan Mail Update

Tuesday, September 26, 2006 by Iris with
I would like to again address the status of Brandon's upcoming fan-mail address. If you haven't read question 16 from the first Q+A session:
Q: Brandon, have you an address to the we can write to get an autograph?
Brandon: A fan-mail address is coming soon.
I cannot guarantee that mail addressed to Brandon care of his management, talent agency, or other representative will be acknowledged. As soon as an address is set-up, I will announce it on the site. Thanks for your patience.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Iris, you are the best!! :)

Anonymous said...

Awee i'll have patience... but i Worte him a letter a month ago now, and is still waiting for it, haha. A late letter. >_<

Iris said...

I've received them, but I'm not promising that they'll get picked.

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