Director Singer Talks "Superman" Sequel

Thursday, September 21, 2006 by Iris with
Director Bryan Singer recently talked to about what he meant to July's Comic-Con attendees by going Wrath of Khan in the next Superman installment, referring to the Star Trek film.
"What I was referring to was the fact that, when you do a first film like X-Men, for example, you're introducing a world and a set of characters. Once those characters are introduced, once we've lived with them for awhile and we know them, when you get into a second film like an Empire Strikes Back or a Wrath of Khan, you can make an action-adventure film and you don't have to bank all that time getting to know the characters. Now you can raise the stakes, raise the jeopardy and make a leaner, meaner movie."
Superman Returns DVD news can be found two posts down.

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