The Man Behind the Fashion

Thursday, September 07, 2006 by Iris with
Meet Ryan Looysen, the Iowan clothing designer who has created all of Brandon's outfits for the Superman Returns press tour. He was interviewed last week by DesMoinesRegister's Juice:
"Routh knocked on Looysen's door when he was on the set filming "Superman Returns." The friends first met as students at the University of Iowa. So far, Looysen has designed seven suits and 40-something shirts for Routh, including the sleek black and white pinstriped button-down Routh wore to the MTV event."
Visit for more info on his line.


estripe4 said...

Damn Ryan is an awesome designer because his suits are gorgeous esp on Brandon :sigh:! Love the story about how Ryan made it as a designer and how him and Brandon met in college. They are both Super success stories! Great article! Thanks for sharing! :)

epi_superman said...


Anonymous said...

That is a really cool thread. I always notice the really nice clothes Brandon wears, I had just figured he had good fashion sense. It's cool that he is "going home" for help. Another example of his class. And in this case it reaaaally benefits him too!

estripe4 said...

Well they say the cloths make the man! And in this case it is a win win situation! :)

Anonymous said...

aw that is sweet of Brandon :)

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