Brandon Helps Renovate School

Wednesday, August 30, 2006 by Iris with
Updated August 31st: 11 photos from the event are in the gallery.

Brandon was at Los Angeles' Union Avenue Elementary School participating in a one-room renovation project where kids can have a place to do after-school activities.

MyFox's Good Day LA were on-location to interview Brandon about the project. You can stream the interview at LiveDigital or MyFox.


estripe4 said...

Wow amazing story! It is wonderful how down to earth he is and is real. It is just amazing that he is not taking his fame to his head but rather using it to promote such a wonderful cause and is very involved with helping kids and being a good role model for them! Great story! I admirer him even more as a person. His parents should be proud!

azuredivina said...

he is so goddamn adorable. i bet mothers everywhere just wanna pinch his cheeks. haha!

Anonymous said...

That's so great that he's able to bring that kind of publicity to such a deserving cause...

...though I have to say, I cringed for him when the female "reporter" made the camera pan out so she could see if his thighs were still in Superman shape. Ugh.

estripe4 said...

I totally agree I felt that was uncalled for with the reporters comment. Ok yes we know he is attractive but did she have to say that.

I felt she was very unprofessional and totally missed the story and the bigger picture at hand with helping children and the wonderful program they were working on.

I felt so bad for Brandon but he handled the awkward situation with grace and stride and focused on the importance of the kids at hand.

Over all I think it is wonderful that he wants to be a positive role model to kids and wants to help them and give back to the community. He really is Superman!

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of story that should be on a national level--not just the local station. America should know what a great guy Brandon is--and this is a great way for people/fans to get to know him better. Shows like "Inside Edition" and "Entertaninment Tonight" should show this--not just all the who's with who, and who's breaking up stuff. This obviously was something Brandon was doing on his own time and generousity and not as just some publisity stunt. I already liked him as the actor--now I like him as the man.

Anonymous said...

I like him as a man, too. :)

Jen said...

This has shed a good light on him, and it just makes me like him even more. It is great to see people in his position do such positive things.

I, too, cringed when the female reporter wanted to give him a "look up and down" with the camera. I couldn't imagine how awkward he must have felt, but he handled it well. Good for him.

estripe4 said...

I agree. Brandon is the real thing and I admirer him even more as a person because of it.

His qualities are unique and special and you can see it is not an act but he truly cares and has a passion for life and what he does.

They are qualities we all should have in life. I hope he never changes.

What a wonderful story of how someone is making a difference for the greater good in the world. I love hearing stories about the kindness in people’s hearts!

As I said before and I will say it again Brandon really is Superman.

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