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Friday, May 04, 2012 by Iris with
Earlier today, I was lucky enough to view a sneak peek of the MISSING WILLIAM movie trailer thanks to someone close to the film. Although not ready for public viewing yet, I can say the following: it's nothing short of amazing - from the performances of the main cast (Brandon Routh, Courtney Ford, Reid Scott, Spencer Grammer) to the breath-taking imagery of the Rhode Island locale.

Trailer notwithstanding, it appears the film is gaining momentum in the theatrical release department. It will be shopped around in at least one major film festival this summer (Cannes Film Market), after which a release date will follow.
MISSING WILLIAM is a romantic drama about the love that lives through loss. The story follows Abby (Courtney Ford), a thirty-something artist living in Rhode Island caring for her husband William (Reid Scott) after a tragic incident. As she attempts to coax him back to health, James (Brandon Routh), her childhood sweetheart and unrequited love attempts to coax her back into living life again for herself. The complicated love triangle that ensues is touching, poignant, and concludes with a realization that's as profound as it is beautiful.
We have all been waiting patiently to finally see this film which was shot in the Fall of 2010 - it won't be long now until it graces our silver screens.

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Michael Reed said...

Very cool. Looking forward to the trailer (today I think). And congrats to B&C for their new child! Woot woot.


brandon routh

Michelle Sheldon said...

I worked as a bartender at the Bar Fitzpatrick's in Cranston, R.I. I was asked to be an extra and play a bartender. I am interested in watching the film and was wondering when the full version will be available or if their is a site to buy/rent the film such as Netflix.

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