CBR VS Two Evil Exes

Wednesday, August 04, 2010 by Iris with
Update: Collider sat down with the two guys as well - Brandon talks about Superman and Justice League.

Comic Book Resources sat down with two SCOTT PILGRIM evil exes: Brandon and Satya Bhabha (evil ex #1) to discuss their experiences working on the film.
"I had dreams of being [Evil Ex #5] Roxie Richter, but God had other plans," Brandon Routh joked. [...] "I was just going to say there's no humanity because he's [Todd] vegan," he laughed. "But yeah, there is. You see at the end, before he's extinguished; you see a flash of that, guilt, because he did betray the vegan way. There is real passion or hate for Ramona, or jealousy that she left him. That somebody's better than him. So those are flashes of emotion. He's not a robot. He's just not very good at controlling it, his humanity."
Read the insightful and funny article here.

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