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Tuesday, August 03, 2010 by Iris with
Updated 8/3: EW wrote a very interesting article about Brandon and SREmpire Magazine still sees Brandon as \S/!

Updated 7/29: Read what a CHUD reporter has to say in support of Brandon's return.

CinemaBlend interviewed Brandon during a press conference for SCOTT PILGRIM and touched upon his interest in returning to Clark Kent/Superman in WB's reboot of the franchise.
“I certainly would [love to play Superman again]. As much as I say I’m working to shake that off or shake it up, I certainly don’t want to extinguish or get rid of it because it was a great honor and I would love to be able to return as that character.”
When told about an online movement supporting his return, Brandon said he'd like to turn that 'groundswell' movement into a 'tsunami.'

So, with that, I've created a Facebook Group, BringRouthBack, to generate a tsunami. I would greatly appreciate it if you would join and pass the word around. On Twitter, please tweet the hashtag #bringrouthback in your Brandon Routh tweets as it relates to Superman/Clark Kent.

Thanks for the support!

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