Empire Magazine: Best Male Newcomer

Tuesday, March 27, 2007 by Iris with
Readers of Empire Magazine have named Brandon Best Male Newcomer for his work in Superman Returns.

Get the full list of winners at Empire. View photos in the gallery.


Anonymous said...

First--I have to say the pic of Brandon holding the Daily Planet ROCKS!! That's a perfect shot--and the look on his face is priceless! Kudo's to both Brandon and the photographer for that one--of course the other pix are great too! Congrat's Brandon on
getting "Best Male Newcomer" You truly deserved it--and all the other awards you've gotten this past year since "Superman Returns" came out--you must have a room filled of them! I'm certain these are just the first of many more awards to come your way. Best of luck to you on your new movie "Life is Hot in Cracktown" and to your sis Sara for "Best Female Singer" award she's up for next week. Your parents must be so proud of you guys! Again--Congrat's on the award--we're all in your corner!

Unknown said...

He looks tired (maybe sick or allergies?) in those pics. Congrats on the award though. Glad to hear he's getting recognition for the movie. I like the pic where he's leaning against the window.

Serra said...

I agree... those photos are fantastic! Brandon looks great (not that he doesn't usually :D)
Best wishes for the future, I'm looking forward to seeing him getting MANY more awards :D

Anonymous said...

I like these pictures. I think the fact that he looks tired gives his face character. In his other pictures, he's always... gorgeous, but in a "perfect" way. These are definitely... imperfect, but they just make him seem more human.

Unknown said...

I want to add that I thought the pictures were awesome, but just had noticed he looked tired in them. Looking back on my comment, it kind of implies they're blegh, but they aren't. I like them mucho.

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