Gallery Update

Monday, January 01, 2007 by Iris with
- NBAE League [+2]
- 2006 Tussauds Wax Museum [+3]
- 2006 Superman Returns to Kitson [+1]
- Superman Returns UK Premiere [+1]
- Superman Returns USA Today Poster [+2]
- Brandon Routh Fan Art [+6]


Anonymous said...

WOW! All of these new photos are amazing. I must say, the catalog posters personify the movie perfectly, and the fan art that turned up is great. I hope I can photocopy mine and get them into the folder soon too! Brandon, you're bolder than ever!

Anonymous said...

Of course Brandon is the handsomest guy on the team--does he ever take a bad picture? I don't think so!! And the artwork is just beautiful--really, some are truly masterpieces. It really shows how much Brandon's fans love him. I also drew a charcaol drawing of Brandon and gave it to him when I met him at his sister Sara's performance (the day after his birthday last year)--hope he liked it. I guess creative people enjoy other creative people's work--like we all love Brandon's work in Superman (and Sara's singing). Thanks Iris for all the wonderful photo's you provide of Brandon for all of us to enjoy--it is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

waw how do i send my fan art in? its not as good as some of them but its kinda groovy.

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