Spike TV Video Game Awards

Saturday, December 09, 2006 by Iris with
Updated December 14th: "Air Force backstage" interview here where he talks about gaming and the SR sequel.

Access Hollywood has video footage of Brandon talking about his engagement ring. Stream it in the gallery.

Earlier tonight, Brandon attended the 4th annual Spike TV Video Game Awards at USC in LA. The event broadcasts on December 13th at 10 PM ET/PT on Spike.

View images here. Thanks to new member 'tintin' for the UHQ images.


Anonymous said...

I wore my wedding/engagement ring before I was married too. I was very excited about getting married, and so must Brandon--He'll make a very handsome groome and Courtney a beautiful Bride. I wonder if he'll sport the Superman costume under the tux? :-)

Anonymous said...

Once again Brandon was the classiest guy at the show--and they saved him til the last as the big attraction--which of course--he was. Must be fun for him to attend all these award shows--can't wait til he wins the Oscar for "Best Actor". He always presents himself with confidence and dignity--I wonder if he ever gets stage fright? If he does it doesn't show. Great job--we all love you Brandon!!

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