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Friday, December 22, 2006 by Iris with
Yahoo! spoke to Brandon recently about the Superman Returns game.
"I got to say all of these things that I didn't say in the movie as Superman," said Routh. "There were a lot more comic book lines. It was a challenge for me because you have to overplay it a little bit...over act a lot of times because you're not seeing a real face talking to you, in the game. And a lot of the time you're not seeing any face talking, you're seeing the back of Superman flying around. The lines have to have a lot more energy and excitement to them."

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Anonymous said...

yeh that game is good, i got it and although im not a very good gamer i finished it in just 2 weeks! well ok i did get a little help with the cheat codes..but i couldnt let superman fail now could i!?! but even after the robots and tornadoes i still havent found all of the lost kittens darn it!
xx amy

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