"Superman Returns" on DVD!

Monday, November 27, 2006 by Iris with
Updated November 28th: Iowa's KCCI spoke with Brandon over the phone about the DVD documentary and Denial. Cheers for the br.c mention!

A friendly reminder for everyone that the Superman Returns DVD goes on-sale today, the 28th. Best Buy, Circuit City, Wal-Mart, and Target are offering exclusives with purchase. Also, USA Today talked with Brandon and Richard Donner on Superman through the years. TV Guide chats with Brandon on SR and other film roles. About talked with Brandon and Eva Marie Saint about the DVD and sequel.

To celebrate the release, I've added 19 miscellaneous Superman Returns images from around the web to the gallery here.

Some discs from the Reeve Superman films have errors. Read how to obtain replacements here.


Anonymous said...

I just bought the Special Edition 2 Disc set from Best Buy and it's awesome--the packaging is beautiful and I bought the Figurine of Superman too--Great deal and very well done. There was several people at the display the entire time I was in the store (I was in there around 2 pm PST for about a half hour)and everyone was buying at least one copy some 2--most buying the 2 disc special edition--I bet it makes a ton of money. Many of the people shopping the display were talking about how they loved the movie and Brandon. I hope Brandon gets out (even if he has to disguise himself) and sees how people love it--I think he would enjoy all the love people have for him and the movie. I wish he werer doing a DVD signing event somewhere.....We love you Brandon/Superman!!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are amazing!! I'm about to go out and buy the DVD!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh happy day! :) I got the Ultimate Collection *and* the SR 2-disc special edition at Target right when they opened the doors this morning! I just couldn't resist the cover of the Special Edition - even though I couldn't afford to buy both, I did it anyway. ;) It was a complete impulse buy, plus I had the $3 coupon from Papa Johns LOL so I figured, why not? ;) I figure I'll help out WB by picking up an extra copy. :) I just wish we had gotten ALL of the deleted scenes, but I couldn't be more excited about what we DID get! The 3-hour SR featurette is just amazing, lots of great Brandon moments. I was fascinated with the journey he took, seeing his hair cut all the way to the last scene he filmed. What an experience! And the film looks absolutely SUPER on DVD. I couldn't be happier today! Now I just cannot wait for them to start filming the sequel so we can experience this all over again. Of course in the meantime I'm anxious to see Brandon in more projects, I think "Denial" was just a wonderful preview of what's to come ... and frankly, I can't get enough! :)

Anonymous said...

The two-disc set is awesome! I loved this movie so much that I saw it three times at the theaters!
The bonus features are awesome! I bought Mine at circuit city and ended up with a bonus third disc. All in all pretty sweet!
I'm so glad that hey have decided to make a sequel! I cna hardly wait to see where they go next!!
Brandon you are awesome!

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