Superman Sequel Confirmed

Thursday, October 26, 2006 by Iris with
Updated October 30th: A sequel has been confirmed according to Variety.

IESB is reporting that a sequel to Superman Returns has reportedly been finalized with a smaller budget.
"The studio was quite happy with the way Supes was reintroduced to the world and next time around expect to see him in full action battle mode. We’ve been told that Superman will have the battle of his life in the sequel and audiences can expect one of the ultimate baddies in the D.C. universe to come to Metropolis to pick a fight with the Man of Steel."
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Anonymous said...

Why more action in the sequel? They could've done this in SR already... and the ultimate baddie? Hmm I'd say and hope it's Doomsday :) The battle of his life, yeah that fits then. But 2009? That's still such a long, long time.

Anonymous said...

Well, what I only care about is the emotion problem. Will superman and Lois finaly get together?

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