Brandon on the SR Video Game

Friday, October 13, 2006 by Iris with
Several internet sites were invited to EA's Tiburon Studio in Florida to view a sneak-peek at Superman Returns: The Video Game shipping November 20th. Brandon recorded a short video presentation for the occasion.
"It's weird to see me, and somebody else animating and A little bizarre, but so cool. As an actor, you have to recreate the moment, because you're not really in the moment when I'm standing behind a microphone, so that's kind of challenging, but also kind of fun. It's also cool to do voiceover work in the game because I get to interact with characters that aren't in the movie. It's fun to keep living in the world of Superman, which is why we go see movies and why we read comic books, to be a part of that world. It's cool to live out that fantasy a little bit more."
Read a detailed report at CBR. Visit for more game info.


Anonymous said...

This game looks AWESOME!! I already have a pre-order in for 2 of them--one for my son for Christmas, and the other for me!! The guy at the Video Game store said it was a really cool game and that they had done a great job on the graphics too. Hope Brandon get's a cut on every one they sell!! How cool it it to have a game with his image as Superman? I agree with Brandon that it's fun to live in the world of Superman--that's why we all loved the movie so much and will love this game too. Can't wait to play it!!

Anonymous said...

i was wondering about the looks awesome though im not sure about the much is it anyway? and is there any for the PS2?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else read the full article about this video game? It's going to feature the Return to Krypton scene that was cut from the movie. How cool is that?

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