Brandon on "The Batman" and Future Roles

Tuesday, October 31, 2006 by Iris with
Brandon is interviewed in the current (Oct. 24 - Nov. 3) issue of TV Guide Magazine where he talks about voicing a villain (Everywhere Man) in this Saturday's The Batman and future roles he's interested in. On The Batman (10:30 AM on The CW):
Routh, who tackled the part with campy zeal, enjoyed the chance to be the bad guy. "It's fun to play that side, especially with animation, because you can really go over the top," he says. "What would seem ridiculous on film plays well in animation." And it was a refreshing change from the mild-mannered Man of Steel.
On future gigs:
Despite mildly disappointing box office for "Returns," another Superman movie is almost certainly in the cards [note: a sequel has recently been confirmed], but for now, Routh is searching for his next gig. While he enjoyed this sinister sideline, don't expect him to make a habit out of it. "There have been quite a few roles that have come my way that are very different from Superman, but they are too much the other way," he admits. "A lot of characters I'm interested in playing become better people in the end, but they don't start out that way. So as long as they have a good journey- and aren't wearing tights and saving people- that's what matters!"

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