Brandon in "The Batman"

Monday, October 30, 2006 by Iris with
Brandon's episode of The CW's The Batman ("The Everywhere Man") airs Saturday, November 4th at 10:30 AM on The CW. He voices the original villain "Everywhere Man." The episode description is as follows:
"When evidence from a series of art thefts by a new costumed villain with the power to replicate implicates a close friend, Batman believes there must be another explanation. Now the Dark Knight must unmask the identity of this rogue called the "Everywhere Man" and prove his friend's innocence."
More images from the episode can be seen here. [Source: Comics Continuum]


Anonymous said...

eu adoro os filmes do superman. brandon routh não deixou nada a desejar. ele é muito talentoso.


Anonymous said...

Once again Brandon shinned in his perfromance of the "Everywhere Man" The character looked like Brandon with red hair. Wouldn't it be great if we could just press a button and could make copies of Brandon? One for each of us :-) Too bad they kinda closed the door on this character by eliminating him--would have liked to see Brandon do this again--is there any other voice over work being done? Seeing a character looking like Brandon in a cartoon is kinda the reverse of him (in real life) portraying a comic strip character. The way he (the Everywhere man)moved and some of his mannerisms resembled Brandon...are they going to do a new Superman Cartoon with Brandon as Superman? That would be great to see his image used--like in the upcoming video game--which I already have my pre-order in for--hope Brandon get's a cut on each one sold! Again bro--GREAT job!

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