Massive Gallery Update

Saturday, August 05, 2006 by Iris with
Hundreds of photos have been added to the gallery as follows:
- Superman Returns World Premiere (California)
- Superman Returns Press Conference (California)
- Denial Premiere (Las Vegas)
- Today Show
- Late Show with David Letterman
- Photo Shoots
- 2006 Tussauds Wax Museum
- 2006 MTV Movie Awards
- 2006 Superman Returns to Kitson
- 2006 Young Hollywood Awards
- 2006 ShoWest
- 2006 NBA Celebrity All-Star
- 2006 WonderCon
- 2006 Golden Globe Awards
- 2005 GQ's Men of the Year
- 2001 Your Holiday Wish Come True Luncheon
Also, Brandon and Kate Bosworth's appearance on The View reruns September 1st.


Anna said...

Brandon is sucha Hotty McHotface.

Anonymous said...

Brandon you are so handsome.i love your smiles so much!

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful! thanks a billion trillion gazillion Iris!!! you're the greatest!!!! Dam he's hot!

Anonymous said...

iris:thank you so much
brandon:i can't stop thinking of you!

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