Special Event: Q+A With Brandon!

Monday, August 28, 2006 by Iris with
Updated August 30th: Thanks to everyone who wrote-in their questions. Check back later for Brandon's responses to select ones. Also, you may continue to submit questions for consideration for future sessions.

Brandon has graciously agreed to a very special event here at BR.C: a Question and Answer session with you guys- the fans. It is our hope to make this a monthly event, time permitting.

For our first session, you may post your potential question(s) for Brandon in the BR.C forum. As it is impossible for Brandon to answer every single question posed, I will whittle them down. From those, Brandon will reply to select questions that he thinks are the most interesting.

Write down your question(s) for Brandon in the forum. All Q+A sessions will be archived here.

Huge thanks to Brandon and his representatives.


azuredivina said...

thanks, iris, and brandon and crew!!

epi_superman said...


Denise said...

i'm still kinda confuse where he would reply like, in brandonrouth.com (in your site)
But i'm VERY exicted, i just wish that he will get to read mine, well the section that i'm in, is 6 out of 13

azuredivina said...

yay!! that's the picture i took of him at the con!! :D he smiled for me!! *dies*

Iris said...

Denise- Brandon's answers will be announced on the main page and archived at the Q+A page. http://www.brandonrouth.com/qa.php

Did that answer your question?

Anonymous said...

When will he begin answering the questions? How long do you think it will take him?

Iris said...

When the questions will be answered is all up to Brandon. I can't say how long it will take.

Anonymous said...

This is great--Is Brandon happy to interact with his fans like this?

Anonymous said...

this is SO cool! Special thanks to Iris, Brandon and the guys who ask questions :) I'm so, so excited, ya can't believe it :D

greets from Germany! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so, SO excited. First off, special thanks to Iris and Brandon (for taking the time to answer q's of his fans!), of course. I hope he will have the time to answer as many q's as possible :) also: thanks to all of you who ask questions. I have plenty of q's, but I don't find the time to ask them all *lol*. I'm looking forward to reading the answers :)

Ashish K. Aggarwal said...

Wow! I am really excited at this concept. I am a great fan of the Superman movies.
Brandon, did any one tell you that you have an uncanny similarity with Christopher Reeve. How do you react to such comparisons?

Ashish K. Aggarwal

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