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Thursday, June 29, 2006 by Iris with
On June 27th, Brandon was in New York to unveil a new Superman wax figure at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Photos are here. Download the short segment at YouSendIt or stream it at YouTube.

On June 28th, he and Kate Bosworth appeared on MTV's TRL. Photos are here and here (fan pictures). Download the 12 minute segment at YouSendIt or stream it at LiveDigital.


jenniferx3 said...

I'm just wondering, did you add all the pictures of Brandon from wireimage? (There's a LOT, and some very cute ones) They have a lot of pictures from most of the events in the gallery, for example Madame Tussauds pictures -
You need a Wireimage account to access the pictures w/ out the watermark, i can get them & send them to you to add to the gallery, if you would like. :)
Fanatstic Job with the site so far! I was wondering, does Brandon even know about this site? Does he ever post here or read the message boards?

Anonymous said...

Brandon Routh is smoking hot.

Iris said...

jenniferx3: WireImage folks are now asking certain sites to take down their pictures due to intellectual property rights infringement. Besides, it's not important for me to have hundreds of pictures per event. I'm hoping that fans send me their own pictures; that's more fun for me.

And yes, Brandon does know about the site. As far as him visiting the forum, I have no clue. =]

Anonymous said...

O.M.G brandon i went to go see the movie with my mom and dad and my mom gaped when she saw you in u superman outfit and .(she sed that you fell out the superman costum better than the outher superman's did !). when i saw the movie i thought it was really kool and my fave parts where when that guy was suting at u with that .really big gun and you just kept on walkin to him and then he shouts u in the eye and u just give him a cokie .smile and my outher fave part was when that plan was falling out of the sky and {superman} saved it and it landed in the statem !!!!!!!:) well g2g bye !

Anonymous said...

The movie was really amazing!!! I watched it four times and gonna watch it more. Brandon Routh is the guy and he's soooo hot! Nobody could have done justice to the movie but him. Can't wait for the next one. Keep it up Brandon! :-)

Anonymous said...

The movie was awsome I just saw it last night! And I already want to watch it agian! But Brandon is so hot and superman suits him well! Can't wait to see more of him!

Ivy said...

jenniferx3, thanks for the link to WireImage. you're right, there's tons of really nice pictures there. i've seen the movie twice and i think Brandon fits the role perfectly - both as Clark Kent and Superman. he should be proud of his performance. i am really looking forward to the next superman movie. i think it'll be a blast, just like Superman Returns!

Iris, keep up the good work on this site!!

estripe4 said...

I saw Superman Returns. It was wonderful. The film was amazing it was truly a work of art with how they shot some of the scenes and the story was wonderful and beautiful to watch. It even brought tears to my eyes. It was that powerful.

I have always been a Superman fan and grew up watching the original Superman movies with Christopher Reeves so I was very excited to see Superman Returns.

I have to say I was very impressed with Brandon's acting ability. For someone who is only 26 and to hold that much insight and talent is amazing. I am 24 and have studied theater for a long time and was a theater minor in college and I was blown away by how flawless Brandon's performance is from switching between the characters of Clark Kent and Superman. It is amazing to watch!

I have to say at first he reminded me of a young Christopher Reeves with his mannerisms which was a little scary but I also saw the insight Brandon brought to the role and his own take on it. He really makes you feel for his character through his facial expressions and with his eyes. He may look similar to Christopher Reeves but he has a deeper talent to his craft that is going to take him far in life.

I also love the story about how even though Brandon has been acting for years that this was his first big break. I love stories like that where people don't give up and chase after their dreams.

Brandon seems to be taking his new role to fame in stride and taking it all in while still keeping a good head on his shoulders and keeping things in perspective. Which is a very great quality to have. I am sure you and the Routh family are very proud of him.

It was also very excited to see the movie Superman Returns because not only am I am fan of Brandon's but I am a fan of Brandon's fellow costars in the movie as well. Such as Kate Boswoth, Kevin Spacey, and James Marsden.

I also even had the wonderful opportunity to meet Sam Huntington who plays Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns at an After Party for the movie I'm Reed Fish at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival held in New York City this past April. He is very nice and very funny.

It was great to meet Sam. So it was wonderful to see the whole cast all in action on the big screen when I saw Superman.

I only wish I had been in NYC on June 27th and June 28th. Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth were at the Madame Tussauds's wax museum on June 27th to open the Superman wax display there.

And then on June 28th they were both on MTV TRL which ironically I actually was in the city that day meeting up with my friend Isabel and was right in that area and I missed seeing Brandon and Kate by an hour. If I had know they were going to be there at MTV TRL I would have caught an earlier train to see if I could maybe meet them.

Oh well I guess timing is everything in life. But it kills me to know that Brandon was in NYC those two days and I missed seeing him when I maybe could have. Oh well next time Brandon is in the Big Apple maybe I can hopefully see him then. :)

Over all I just wanted to say keep up the good work! Your sight is wonderful and I am now a fan of not only Superman Returns but of Brandon Routh as well. I feel great things are going to come for him and he will be successful in all he does!

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