Brandon in New York

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On June 27th, Brandon was in New York to unveil a new Superman wax figure at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Photos are here. Download the short segment at YouSendIt or stream it at YouTube.

On June 28th, he and Kate Bosworth appeared on MTV's TRL. Photos are here and here (fan pictures). Download the 12 minute segment at YouSendIt or stream it at LiveDigital.

Superman Returns

Tuesday, June 27, 2006 by Iris with 14 comments
Updated June 30th: To celebrate the release of Superman Returns, Google and Warner Bros. are teaming up to give users the inside scoop on the summer blockbuster. Go to Google Video for trailers and exclusive behind the scenes clips. You can also track the hero as he travels the globe - the Google map contains shield icons that mark the various Superman sightings throughout the world.

I'm back from the showing and had a blast with everyone there. For those of you wondering, Brandon did not make an appearance, but his younger movie self did: Stephan Bender. He was kind enough to stop by unannounced to sign autographs and take pictures with people from the line as well as regular bystanders. Needless to say (because many reviewers have already said it), Superman's back. An incredibly touching and emotional film that's chock full of Superman goodness never seen before, Superman Returns is a film that redefines superhero filmmaking.

Enjoy the film!

Also, the film's score is in stores now and can be purchased at The score album also includes liner notes penned by John Ottman, who writes about his admiration for the 1978 original and its Williams score.

Brandon Returns to Iowa for Premiere

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Updated July 3: KCCI's Cortney Kintzer has provided us with photos from the premiere.

KCCI has video and images from the premiere. Click on "Superman Returns" Premiere in West Des Moines in the right sidebar. More fan photos have been added to the gallery.

Brandon was in West Des Moines, Iowa for a private screening of the film to raise money for Variety- The Children's Charity. The Des Moines Register has written an excellent article about the charitable event that Brandon pushed for.

If you attended and would like to share your photos, feel free to email me. Thanks to Kristin and Karol Hammer, Cortney Kintzer of KCCI, Sherri Patterson and Tammy, Danny Engesser, Jim Argyros, Lily Chong and cousin, Jeff Dyer, and Ingrid Bisenius for donating theirs.

Brandon on iTunes' Celebrity Playlists

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For those of you wondering what types of songs Brandon listens to, head on over to iTunes' Celebrity Playlists which can be found at the bottom of the iTunes homepage. Some of the artists include Foo Fighters, Beck, Jamiroquai, and Ben Folds.

More Video Interviews

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Update: MTV's SuChin Pak recently interviewed Brandon at his old job, Lucky Strike Lanes, where he tended bar. View the iTunes podcast here, download it in QT format here, or stream it at YouTube.

Brandon, Kevin Spacey, and director Bryan Singer appeared on CNN's Larry King Live last night. The segment is available for download at YouSendIt (captured by "scruffy"). I've been told there's a MAJOR spoiler about the film, so beware.

Friendly reminder that the Iowan Superman Returns premiere is on Sunday. More details can be found at the Appearances page.

"Superman Returns" Media

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Updated June 23rd: TV Spot #18 can be downloaded at YouSendIt and streamed at YouTube.

TV Spot #17 can be downloaded at YouSendIt. Yahoo! has exclusive production designs and storyboards from the film. View them here.

"Superman Returns" World Premiere Coverage

Wednesday, June 21, 2006 by Iris with 20 comments
Updated June 22: Video: Access Hollywood | Extra | ET | The Insider | KCCI | Reuters | ABC News Audio: KCCI (with Rodger Routh)

Photos are up at WireImage, Getty, FilmMagic, and the gallery.

Check out fan photos in the Fan Podium section here.

If you would like to share your premiere pictures, feel free to email me.

Exclusive SR Scene on iTunes

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The exclusive extended scene, "I'll take the seaplane" is now available for download on iTunes. More info here. The scene runs 2 min 33 sec.

Also, has been updated. It appears a certain criminial mastermind has left his mark over there.

Brandon Interview Round-Up

Tuesday, June 20, 2006 by Iris with 4 comments
Updated June 21st: Stream the Letterman interview at YouTube (captured by "scruffy"). Ohio's Good Company interviewed him via satellite.

Harry of AICN did a phone interview with Brandon. Read that here.

Brandon was on Good Day LA (spoiler warning | YouTube stream) and the Today (Internet Explorer required) shows this morning.

The world premiere of SR is in LA tomorrow. Full details here.

HBO's "Superman Returns: First Look"

Monday, June 19, 2006 by Iris with 7 comments
HBO's Superman Returns special aired tonight and will continue to air throughout the months of June and July. Download the 13 minute Quicktime clip here. View the complete HBO schedule online.

"Superman Returns" TV Spot #15

Monday, June 19, 2006 by Iris with 4 comments
Download it at YouSendIt or stream at YouTube. This spot focuses heavily on the Lois/Superman/Richard relationship.

Upcoming Appearance: Father's Day in San Diego

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Updated June 19th: Extra TV has a great clip from the event. Stream a news segment at YouTube or download at YouSendIt.

Photos from the special event are in the gallery.

On Sunday the 18th, Brandon and his father Ron will be in San Diego to host a special film screening primarily for kids whose fathers are serving overseas. Brandon will also talk about Operation Super Hero.

The event will be held at Miramar Marine Corps Air Station. Complete press release.

"Superman Returns" TV Spot #14

Sunday, June 18, 2006 by Iris with 0 comments
A 14th spot aired with the NBA Finals, again narrated by Shaq. Stream it at YouTube or download it at YouSendIt.

"Superman Returns" TV Spot #13

Sunday, June 18, 2006 by Iris with 0 comments
A new awesome tv spot aired with the 2006 FIFA World Cup Pre-Show.

Download it at YouSendIt or stream it at YouTube.

Brandon Routh Fan Q+A

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As time permits, Brandon answers several questions from his fans. E-mail your questions for Brandon to Iris at Please note this is not his email address. Content (c) and exclusive to

2010 | 2007 | 2006

Session 1 - September 11, 2006 
2) What was your most favorite aspect of working on Superman Returns?
I’ve answered this question often, so I’ll use this opportunity to add a bit to my other responses. I really enjoyed living in Australia, and getting to experience another country for 10 months. It was also very exciting to learn about making movies on such a grand scale.

3) What is your favorite comfort food?? If you like ice cream, what is your fave brand and flavor? And about coffee? Do you like Starbucks?
Pizza is my number one comfort food. I actually like banana ice cream, but since that isn’t around very much, I’ll take strawberry- brand usually doesn’t matter. My favorite coffee drink is an Americano. I started drinking those while living in Australia because they don’t have “regular” drip coffee there. I prefer Coffee Bean to Starbucks.

4) If you've read some of the threads here, you know we love our nerds. Do you consider yourself a nerd?
Yes, I consider myself a nerd. Nerds are cool!

5) Many of your fans have seen the film short DENIAL in which you play opposite your girlfriend Courtney. How did feel to work with her?
It was great working with Courtney! She’s a fantastic actress and producer. It was an amazing experience for us to work with each other, and learn about filmmaking together.

6) We've seen you can do comedy, as in the Avon Lady video, is that any area you are interested in?
Yes. I love comedy. My first acting role was in a comedic play. I loved being able to play Clark.

7) Do you feel the need to stay in touch with your fans?
This Q+A is great. Iris is doing a marvelous job.

8) What advice would you give a fellow actor trying to make in in the biz?
The first step is making a commitment to your choice, and setting your intention. Then get into an acting class and work, work, work. Be open to opportunities, but also realize that you can make your own.

9) From what I've seen in SR, you really know how to show emotions by just using your face, was it hard to do the exact opposite on "The Batman"?
No, voice over work is much easier. It’s a lot of fun.

10) What would you like to see your character do in the [Superman] sequel? [Spoiler Warning!]
Get Lois of course! Ha ha :) And be able to have a good relationship with his son.

11) Brandon, do you mind watching yourself on screen?
No. It’s very helpful for me to see if I’m telling the truth as that character.

12) You seem to be a mild-tempered kinda guy. After seeing you in Superman Returns doing a perfect interpretation of Clark Kent/Superman, we (the fans) have a somewhat crazy notion that you are some flawless, well-mannered, polite gent that would never curse in public. Is any of this true? Do you have a wild side no one knows about?
I’m a pretty happy person. I intend to be. I’m very proud and grateful for the opportunities that I have and will have. As for flaws, those are up for interpretation. I don’t think I really have much of a “wild side”, although I have been known to jay-walk :)

13) I think I read somewhere that you enjoy medieval/fantasy stories, or movies, and I was wondering in a similar vein, if you'd seen the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. If so, did you like it as much as Braveheart?
Yes, I’ve seen the LOTR trilogy. I liked it very much, but Braveheart is still my favorite movie :)

14) Do you have any words for Christian Bale after he said what he said? Thanks a million. [Iris' note: Bale said at the MTV Movie Awards, "I'm sorry, Superman, but Batman's the bad-a$$."]
Ha ha :) Well, a friend of mine sent me this, and I think it says it all:

15) If you had the chance to play a role in an old classic film, who would it be and why would you choose it?
To be Gregory Peck’s character, Atticus Finch, in To Kill a Mockingbird. It’s one of my favorite books, and a dynamic role to play.

16) Brandon, have you an address to the we can write to get an autograph?
A fan-mail address is coming soon.

17) Dear Brandon, Can I get my Buffy Season 4 DVD set back? – Mike
Ha! You’ll have to ask Fisher!

18) Have you had any strange encounters with the papperazzi or fans since SR?
Anytime people are following you with cameras, and shouting your name is strange.

19) What was it like to watch the finished film for the FIRST time and see your name in the opening credits? Can you describe the emotions you felt as you saw all your hard work come to life on the screen?
The premiere was very exciting. I was very proud to show my family and friends. My mom cried, so did my dad actually. To see it all finally come together was extraordinary.
Thank you to everyone at br.c for supporting me, and for all your kind words and congratulations :)

Positive Reviews

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Harry of AICN gives his thoughts:
"The timbre of his voice in the title character is simply wonderful [...] he is simply majestic and human. Amazing, super and courageous."
Time chimes in with a VERY spoilery review:
"The best Hollywood movies always knew how to sneak a beguiling subtext into a crowd-pleasing story. Superman Returns is in that grand tradition. That's why it's beyond Super. It's superb."
Variety's take on the film:
"One can praise newcomer Routh very highly indeed simply by saying that he carries this giant film with apparent effortlessness. Thesp possesses a winning, appealing personality that nicely complements his rangy, black-haired, blue-eyed good looks."
Hollywood Reporter likes it:
"Like Reeve, he is just right physically, looking at times like the old comic book drawings of Superman. There is honesty in his acting where the emotions that play across Superman/Clark Kent's face and body come from deep within."
Newsweek praises the film as well:
"Newcomer Routh may or may not be a real actor, but he effortlessly lays claim to the iconic role, just as Reeve did [...] Singer cleverly doles out his hero in small portions, so that we're left, like all those awestruck admirers in Metropolis, wanting more glimpses of him than we get."

"Superman Returns" TV Spot #12

Saturday, June 17, 2006 by Iris with 1 comments
TV Spot #12 aired tonight. Download the 30-second clip at YouSendIt or stream it at YouTube.

Cover of USA Weekend

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Updated June 18th: Added photos in the gallery.

Brandon's on the cover of this weekend's USA Weekend carried in select newspapers around the US. A Superman Returns poster illustration by Matt Haley is included for free.


Saturday, June 17, 2006 by Iris with
Brandon Routh biographyAlthough he had relatively few professional credits to his name, handsome and clean-cut actor Brandon Routh soared into the media limelight when he was cast as the Man of Steel in director Bryan Singer’s highly anticipated revival of the original superhero film franchise “Superman Returns” (lensed 2005).

Born Oct. 9, 1979, in Des Moines, Iowa and raised in nearby Norwalk (about 100 miles south of Woolstock, the hometown of TV’s original “Superman,” George Reeves), the strapping 6'3" actor-known to his friends and family and sometimes professionally credited as “B.J.”-was a high school athlete who swam and played soccer, as well as starring in several theatrical productions. He attended the University of Iowa for a year before heading to Hollywood in search of his big break.

Routh got his first major role on a 1999 episode of the short-lived ABC sitcom “Odd Man Out,” followed by a four-episode stint on the third season of MTV’s sexually charged nighttime soap “Undressed” in 2000. He also was featured in pop star Christina Aguilera’s heavily rotated “What a Girl Wants” video. Along with an appearance on “Gilmore Girls” in 2000, the actor earned steady work on the ABC daytime drama “One Life to Live,” originating the role of Seth Anderson from 2001-2002. His subsequent primetime credits include guest stints on the CBS crime drama “Cold Case,” the hit NBC sitcom “Will & Grace” and Fox’s brief-lived “Oliver Beene.”

Prior to Routh’s casting as Superman, Warner Bros had spent over a decade developing a plan to relaunch the franchise, with possible stars including Nicolas Cage and planned helmers including Tim Burton, Wolfgang Peterson, McG and Brett Ratner. Initially the studio reportedly considered a roster of name actors for the iconic role, including Josh Hartnett, Ashton Kutcher, Jude Law, Brendan Fraser, Jim Caviezel and “Smallville” star Tom Welling. But when Singer came aboard to direct the film, he insisted that a fresh face be cast in the part in the tradition of film’s most famous Man of Steel, Christopher Reeve.

Routh, then 25—who reportedly won a Hollywood Halloween costume contest in 2003 by dressing as Clark Kent with his shirt open to reveal the Superman “S” underneath—had previously auditioned for McG and was tapped by Singer after extensive casting calls in the U.S., Britain, Canada and Australia. Impressed by his resemblance to the comic book icon and finding the actor’s humble Midwestern roots a perfect fit for the hero’s all-American persona, Singer anointed Routh as the next screen Superman. Within hours of the October 2004 casting announcement Routh’s name filled an endless array of Internet pages devoted to discussing his worthiness for the role. For his part, the actor kept a low profile to help build anticipation for the film.

Thanks to Main Title Entertainment

"Superman Returns" BTS Footage

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IESB has a 13-minute long clip of behind-the-scenes footage from Superman Returns. Some content may be considered spoiler material.

Details on Iowan "Superman Returns" Premiere

Thursday, June 15, 2006 by Iris with 0 comments
Brandon will be at the Century Theatres at Jordan Creek Town Center in West Des Moines, Iowa at 7 PM on Sunday, June 25th for the Iowan red carpet fundraiser premiere.
"The fundraiser that benefits Variety is a week from Sunday at Jordan Creek. The event is by invitation only, but they are expecting some fans to show up."
Read more at KCCI and WOI.

"Superman Returns" TV Spot #9 and More

Thursday, June 15, 2006 by Iris with 0 comments
Superman Returns TV Spot #9 aired with the NBA Finals. Shaquille O'Neal narrates the new spot. Download it at YouSendIt. Stream it at YouTube.

Access Hollywood's behind-the-scenes of Superman Returns can be downloaded at YouSendIt or streamed at YouTube.

Read a new interview by Filipino website and view video interviews at Channel 10 News, MSN and IESB.

Magazine Alert: Entertainment Weekly

Thursday, June 15, 2006 by Iris with 0 comments
Entertainment Weekly has a few new behind-the-scenes images from Superman Returns. The new issue, hitting stands tomorrow, features a shirt rip as its cover image.

"Superman Returns" on MySpace

Wednesday, June 14, 2006 by Iris with 0 comments
On June 28th, Warner Bros. Pictures presents Superman Returns - a soaring new chapter in the saga of one of the world’s most beloved superheroes, directed by Bryan Singer (X-2: X-Men united, X-Men, The Usual Suspects) and starring Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, James Marsden, Frank Langella, Eva Marie Saint, Parker Posey and Kevin Spacey.

In a most unique interactive campaign, Superman supporters are visiting the MySpace page at where they can upload their favorite photos of themselves with the Superman “S” symbol. Visitors to the page can also view the trailer and download wallpapers and icons.

11 New "Superman Returns" Film Clips

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 by Iris with 1 comments
IESB has 11 new film clips from Superman Returns that are essentially extended scenes from trailers and tv spots.

Interview Round-Up and Vanity Fair

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 by Iris with 0 comments
Update: E! News . YouTube | E! Sneak Peek . YouTube | TV Spot #8 . YouTube | The Insider . YouTube

Various entertainment programs are airing interviews with Brandon for the Superman Returns press tour.

Extra | Access Hollywood | Entertainment Tonight | Showbiz Tonight

In other news, Vanity Fair has several photoshoot outtakes of Brandon from the July issue that was shown on ET.

Audition Footage From A&E Documentary

Monday, June 12, 2006 by Iris with 1 comments
Update: Stream the entire documentary at AOL TV or download the entire SR docu-segment at YouSendIt (50 mb). The documentary comes out on dvd June 20 and is available for pre-order.

Access Hollywood aired a report on the upcoming A&E documentary Look, Up in the Sky!: The Amazing Story of Superman that takes a glimpse into Superman auditions for the 1978 film. Towards the end of the clip is a brief look at Brandon's audition footage for Clark Kent and Superman.

Signed Director's Chair for Charity

Monday, June 12, 2006 by Iris with 0 comments
Silent Partner Inc. would like everyone to know that they are auctioning off a signed director's chair with 100% of the proceeds going to support Variety- The Children's Charity of Southern California that gives help to Los Angeles children in need. This chair was recently signed by Brandon at ShoWest back in March.

The eBay auction ends June 19. Happy bidding.

Brandon on Trumpet

Monday, June 12, 2006 by Iris with 0 comments
Update: WB has provided Latino Review a behind-the-scenes clip from the scoring session. has updated their Superman Returns scoring session studio visit with photos of the Hollywood Studio Symphony and select cast and crew from the film. Brandon stopped by and was invited to show off his trumpet skills with the brass section.


Sunday, June 11, 2006 by Iris with 0 comments
Congratulations to the two 2XL shirt winners: Bryan C. of IL, USA and Jeigh of TX, USA., in conjunction with the Official, will be giving away two (2) size SMALL t-shirts from Zero-G Rigging who worked on Superman Returns. If you don't wear a SMALL or don't know anyone who wears that size, I have shirts in larger sizes which I will give away later.

This black shirt is 100% cotton and features the Superman Returns shield on the front and Zero-G logo with Superman art on the back.

To enter, simply email Iris COMPLETE NAME AND STREET ADDRESS by TBA. Two winners will be chosen randomly and notified by email. Open to all residents.

To view the shirts in higher resolution, click on the thumbnails.

Special thanks to Zero-G for the shirts. SMALL shirt shown.

"Superman Returns: HBO First Look" Commercial

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HBO recently aired a commercial for the June 19th premiere of Superman Returns: HBO First Look. The spot includes a brief interview with Brandon as well as awesome behind-the-scenes footage of the film.

YouTube Stream | Download (WMV 4.5 mb)

"Superman Returns" Scenes on ET

Friday, June 09, 2006 by Iris with 0 comments
Several minutes of Superman Returns footage aired on Entertainment Tonight that consisted of actual film and behind-the-scenes footage. The program also revealed that Brandon is in the new issue of Vanity Fair with Sandra Bullock on the cover.

YouSendIt (WMV 10 mb) | YouTube Stream

"Superman Returns" Press Screening

Friday, June 09, 2006 by Iris with 0 comments
Spoiler-free positive reviews from a Superman Returns press screening held last night can be found online now.

Boston Herald | | Hollywood Elsewhere | Comic Book Resources | Latino Review | IESB | Hollywood Reporter

"Superman Returns" TV Spot #6

Thursday, June 08, 2006 by Iris with 1 comments
A sixth television spot for Superman Returns can be streamed at YouTube.

Stay tuned for high resolution links to the spot when WB officially releases it.

Brandon at the MTV Movie Awards

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Update: Download the new SR plane sequence in WMV (10MB) or stream it at YouTube. Stream the "Best Hero" award segment at YouTube. View an after-party interview with Brandon and Courtney at MTV. Stream the blue carpet interview at YouTube.

The show airs tonight at 9 PM ET/PT on MTV. The pre-show airs at 8:30 PM.

View an AP video clip here (Entertainment->Stars Shine at MTV Movie Awards). Read an article by USA Today.

Pictures of Brandon at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards are online now. Search for him at WireImage and Getty. He presented "Best Hero" to Batman Begins' Christian Bale alongside Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey.

More pictures in the gallery. The show airs June 8 on MTV.

Upcoming Appearance: David Letterman

Wednesday, June 07, 2006 by Iris with 0 comments
According to The Late Night TV Page, Brandon is scheduled to appear on CBS' Late Show with David Letterman on the 20th at 11:30 PM ET/PT.

The Superman Returns World Premire has been updated at the Appearances page.

Final "Superman Returns" Running Time

Tuesday, June 06, 2006 by Iris with 0 comments
Updated June 7th: The official film site has been updated with Superman Returns production notes that contain spoilers.

Superhero Hype! has learned that the final running time for the film is 153 minutes (2 hrs 33 min) including credits.

Upcoming Appearances: Pepsi 400 and Special Olympics

Tuesday, June 06, 2006 by Iris with 0 comments
Brandon will be the grand marshal of the Pepsi 400 race in Daytona, Florida which will air July 1 @ 7:30 PM EST on FOX.

That same month, he will be at the 2006 Special Olympics USA National Games to be held on the Iowa State University campus in Ames, Iowa July 2 to July 7.

For more information on his upcoming appearances, click here.

Magazine Alert: "Details"

Sunday, June 04, 2006 by Iris with 0 comments
The June/July issue of Details magazine contains script pages from Superman Returns, an interview with director Bryan Singer, and several exclusive film stills.

Check out the stills in the gallery and visit Details Magazine.

Brandon and Stephan Bender in Australia

Sunday, June 04, 2006 by Iris with 0 comments
The official has made available 41 behind-the-scenes images from the set of Superman Returns. One of the images features Brandon with Stephan (Young Clark Kent) and screenwriter Dan Harris. Other images feature Stephan on wires, beautiful shots of the Kent farm, film storyboards, and Superman's spacecraft.

Head to to view the images.

New Bus Shelter Poster

Friday, June 02, 2006 by Iris with 0 comments
A couple people in the Burbank, CA area have spotted a new Superman Returns poster in bus stop shelters. It features Superman wrapping Lois with his cape against a backdrop of Earth.

Check it out by clicking on the thumbnail.

"Superman Returns" Official Movie Guide

Friday, June 02, 2006 by Iris with 0 comments
It appears the Superman Returns Official Movie Guide, featuring hundreds of glossy photos, has hit stores now.

You may order it at Amazon as well.