Brandon Talks The Atom Suit, TV Habits, Gay Fans & More

Thursday, February 12, 2015 by Iris with
Brandon Routh has been hitting the media circuit to chat about his super role on ARROW and what fans can expect from his portrayal of 'Ray Palmer' aka 'The Atom.' Find out what he has on DVR, what he thinks about his gay fan base, and if fitting into 'The Atom' Super Suit will be a challenge after having done so for the also red/blue-clad Man of Steel.

In talking with TV Guide Magazine, he was asked what he has on his DVR - some of which comes as a surprise:

Brandon also spoke with Comcast Xfinity about the Superman and The Atom suits and his appreciation for his gay fan base:

You’ve been through putting on these kinds of suits before but how is it when you put on The Atom suit?
BR: It’s pretty awesome. You know, there’s a whole fitting process, they’ve done a really great job not needing me as much as I was for “Superman,” it was a different experience, and they’re so used to making suits. The idea of the suit is different than any others that you’ve seen on the show. They’ve got a really good pattern down to getting it done so it’s been very cool, fairly seamless, and the fact that they’re constricting can be troublesome for spending a long time in them but also kind of lends this invulnerability feeling, invulnerable feeling, because you’re in it and so you feel stronger because of it and the same thing with this and it’s very imposing and powerful looking so I can feel that from being inside.

Let’s talk about your gay fan base. Obviously, playing a gay character on “Partners” helped but when did you first become aware of that?
BR: Oh, sure. From “Superman,” from before I did an episode of “Will and Grace,” I think the “Superman” thing was obviously the huge thing for fan bases of all. I appreciate the support from everyone and loyal fan base.

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