What to Expect from Palmer when ARROW Returns

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The second half of ARROW's third season begins tomorrow night on The CW at 8/7c with "Left Behind" which features Team Arrow coming to terms with a certain death and Brandon Routh's 'Ray Palmer' testing out the gauntlet of the A.T.O.M. suit. Read on for more of what we can expect from Palmer the rest of the season as he talks to various media outlets.

Talking to Access Hollywood about the mechanized A.T.O.M. suit and Captain Lance:

Talking to Entertainment tonight regarding Felicity, the suit, and more:
"Oliver lives in the dark, literally; he’s a trained assassin and killer and all those things are a part of his life. He’s seen a darker side of the world than Ray has. Being involved in fighting crime may change how Ray sees things. The vicious death and murder of his wife changed how he sees the world,” he says. “He’s still a very glass half full type of a guy. [Felicity]’s attracted to that lightness, and his naivete, I suppose, is attractive."

"We start to understand why he’s doing what he’s doing, and there are a couple of conversations between Felicity that will happen in the next few episodes where you understand on a deeper level that he’s not here just because he’s a playboy billionaire wanting to make a cool suit, fight crime and wanting to be a hero,” Routh teases. “He felt helpless and he couldn't help the woman he loved most in the world. He’s there to defend her honor and her memory and everyone else out there who’s helpless and needs a hand, he’s there to be the savior."

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With IMDb TV he reveals more about coming between Oliver and Felicity:

ARROW producer Marc Guggenheim talks to TV Line about Ray suiting up:
Ray “was already on that trajectory,” Guggenheim notes. And even though what happened to Oliver isn’t public knowledge, there is a connection. “The relationship between Oliver’s death and Ray’s journey really lies in Felicity,” says the EP. “Felicity is of the opinion that Oliver went off to have a duel to the death with the most dangerous man in the world… basically, a suicide mission. And here she finds, contemporaneous with Oliver’s death, Ray embarking on his own suicide mission. In [Episode] 9, she said, ‘Why does this keep happening to me?’ and Ray represents an opportunity for her to try to fix what she considers a mistake that Oliver made, to prevent him from also tempting fate. Whether or not she’s successful, that’s part of these upcoming episodes.”

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