ARROW Producer Teases Upcoming 'Ray Palmer' Stories

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ARROW showrunner Marc Guggenheim talked to the press ahead of tonight's all-new episode about what viewers can expect from Team Arrow in the near future. He briefly discusses Brandon Routh's "Ray Palmer" storyline and what it is Palmer is up to. Read excerpts below.

What is the Ray Palmer plan? We’ve only been getting drips and drabs, the occasional raised eyebrow….
For us, one of the fun things of Season 3 is, “Who is Ray Palmer? And what’s going on with him? And what is his plan?” There’s certainly history to suggest that whoever’s in charge of Queen Consolidated doesn’t always have the city’s best interests at heart. We got a little tease of it at the end of Episode 3, and we’ll get another tease at the end of Episode 7 (airing Nov. 19). And we’ll probably get our most concrete “mission statement” out of him at the end of Episode 9.
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Finally let me just ask you about Ray. … You kind of planted little seeds with him. He's a do-gooder, he wants to give energy to Starling City. Do you have any hints about where you plan to take him?
 Marc: I'm gonna quote Ray. In a future episode, he's gonna say, 'I can't tell you. I have to show you,' so in keeping with Ray's show, not tell philosophy, I along with everyone else involved with the show, will show you a pretty good hint of what he has up his sleeve at the end of Episode 7.
Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) is about to take Felicity out on a date. Should Olicity fans be worried?
 Well, I've never known Olicity fans to not be worried! There are two types of Olicity fans. There are the ones who want them to be married with a kid or two or three in the next episode, and then there are the ones who favor the slow burn, on-again/off-again, one step forward two steps back kind of relationship. Certainly the fact that we've released a promo showing Ray Palmer kissing Felicity suggests that the approach we're taking is very much the latter.
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IGN: Brandon Routh tweeted a picture of himself getting a life cast and you know there’s certain reasons why people get life casts. Anything you can say about what that might be for?
Guggenheim: It’s funny, I actually didn’t see the photo he tweeted so I can truly say with all candor that I actually don’t know what the heck he posted. But I will say that Ray Palmer’s agenda is revealed, certainly in pertinent part, by the end of episode seven. So if you’re a Ray Palmer fan, you’re really going to want to check out episode seven.
Source: IGN
So far, Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) has been Mr. Nice Guy. When is he going to make a big move and reveal why he's in Starling City?
The big move you are talking about, and revealing exactly what he's up to, that's going to happen in our midseason finale. That said, you will get a really big hint at it at the end of episode 7.

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