Momentum Builds for MISSING WILLIAM Indie Film

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 by Iris with
EXCLUSIVE The buzz-worthy independent feature film MISSING WILLIAM starring Brandon Routh, Courtney Ford ("Dexter," "True Blood"), Reid Scott ("Veep"), and Spencer Grammer ("Greek") is closer to making its way to a movie theater near you. Producers are looking to release the film in the United States AND in international markets* very soon, possibly as soon as this Fall.

What we now know about the film:
  • Domestic Distribution is being handled by Naedomi Media
  • International Distribution* is being handled by Lotus Entertainment
  • Possible Fall 2013 release date
  • Official poster is coming soon

Watch the official trailer:

Read the official synopsis:
MISSING WILLIAM is a romantic drama about the love that lives through loss. The story follows Abby, a thirty-something artist living in Rhode Island caring for her husband William after a tragic incident. As she attempts to coax him back to health, James, her childhood sweetheart and unrequited love attempts to coax her back into living life again for herself. The complicated love triangle that ensues is touching, poignant, and concludes with a realization that's as profound as it is beautiful.
For more about MISSING WILLIAM, 'like' them on Facebook. If you're on Twitter, use hashtag #MissingWilliamMovie.

*MISSING WILLIAM is slated for release in the following international countries: Greece, Cyprus, Iceland, Russia, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE with others still pending.

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Valou said...

YES! Great News! I hope we could see that movie in Europe too. Thank you Iris.

Nariel said...

Wonderful news! But do you think there's still hope for the countries not on the list?

mscottcgp said...

Hope to see my niece Nikki on the big screen soon!

Iris ( said...

Hi Nariel. Yes, there is still hope. The ones I listed have been confirmed. I expect more countries to be added. Curious - where are you located?

Iris ( said...

Hi Valou. I hope so too!

Iris ( said...

:) Looking forward to that!

Nariel said...

Thanks Iris! I'm in Poland. Unfortunately, there have been many films I wanted to see that weren't distributed here, that's why I'm a bit cautious.

Richard Meehan said...

I played the younger version of James Anderson (Brandon Routh) in this movie. Can't wait to see the final cut.

Iris ( said...


Iris ( said...


Denise said...

Just watched the trailer...Looks amazing!!!! Hope it makes it to the United States!!!! (Btw, still wish u were playing Superman!!!)

Josh said...

I'd love if the movie made it to iTunes. I'd like to just buy the thing and enjoy it that way. Is there any hope for an iTunes release to go around the traditional theater distribution that takes so long to get the film to the fans?

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