CROOKED ARROWS Baltimore, Boston Premieres

Monday, May 14, 2012 by Iris with
Continuing this month's deluge of Brandon-related news are the CROOKED ARROWS premieres in Baltimore, MD (with Chelsea Ricketts and Gil Birmingham) last Friday and Boston, MA (with Crystal Allen) today (view photos and more).

In addition to meeting the press, Brandon took some time to visit some lucky kids at the Boston Children's Hospital (view photos).

Boston's Fox25 interviewed Brandon and Crystal Allen:

The Baltimore Sun interviewed the cast and crew on the red carpet, detailing the long journey it took for the film to finally make it to the big screen.
"My grandmother on my father's side would talk of what little she knew," Routh said. "She kept that spirit alive and had a lot of Native American heart. She always seemed a little wise beyond her years; her spiritual presence was just a little different and deeper than other people's." Routh seized the chance to explore that aspect of his history.
The Boston Herald:
“Lacrosse Man: Don’t cross him!” Brandon joked, while in town yesterday to premiere the film with his co-star, Crystal Allen. “He would beat all the other Marvel characters.”
Boston's Mix104.1 and Kiss108 chatted with Brandon and Crystal Allen on their morning radio shows. Give them a listen.

In other CROOKED ARROWS news, 2 new videos have been released today, one of which is the tv commercial which should be hitting our tv screens very soon.

Remember, you can view all Brandon-related CROOKED ARROWS pictures (including those taken at the premieres) on Facebook.

Lastly, follow CROOKED ARROWS star Crystal Allen and composer Brian Ralston on Twitter. Listen to an amazing sampling of the music from the motion picture.

CROOKED ARROWS opens in select cities on May 18th and nationwide June 1.

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