Brandon in Iowa for Volunteer Effort

Sunday, July 03, 2011 by Iris with
Updated 7/10: The Des Moines Register said down with Brandon for an in-depth interview regarding the event and his future film projects.
This weekend Brandon is in his hometown of Norwalk, Iowa to help with construction efforts at a local non-profit educational center, one where his mother teaches at. Various folks from AmeriCorps and ServiceNation banded together in Sunday's day of service. (View photos)

"It's a neat thing. I think we need more things like this to bring our communities together," said Brandon Routh. "Not only when we have a disaster, a tornado or earthquake or something like that, should we come together. We can be doing this every weekend in communities," he said.
Kyle Munson from the DesMoinesRegister was able to catch up with Brandon that day:

Iowa's WHOtv was on-location to interview Brandon and his mother about the event:

Iowa's KCCI was able to speak to Brandon prior to the event:
"I kind of choose this just service period because service serves everything and people aware of the fact that they can be doing things all the time. It doesn't have to be a huge expense of time -- an hour or two once a month can make a huge difference to these small organizations in the state," said Routh."

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