Brandon Routh Plays Hoops

Thursday, February 17, 2011 by Iris with
Updated 3/10: View video of the event on YouTube.

Updated 2/24: Earlier this week, Brandon and other celebrities were in Los Angeles to help dedicate a basketball for local children.
It’s great to have opportunities like this especially in the city of Los Angeles where there are so many other threats of negative impact.
Over the weekend, Brandon played basketball in The Entertainment League, comprising of various celebrity personalities.
Brandon Routh from "Superman" spent February 13, 2011, playing basketball in the exclusive Entertainment League. Brandon played really hard and is very aggressive, and is a very good basketball player. 
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Danny said...

Is it just me or is Brandon in particularly awesome shape? His arms and biceps are huge. Man, i would have loved to see him in the Superman suit now! Those execs at WB sure made a mistake.....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he's in better shape now. More handsome too!! They totally made a big mistake! I would not watch that new superman movie with that otherwise "whatever" actor. I hope it will flop in the box office big time!!!!

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