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Sunday, January 30, 2011 by Iris with
By now you will have heard that Warner Bros. has decided to cast another actor for the role of Clark Kent/Superman in Zack Snyder's reboot of the franchise.

No matter our feelings on this issue, the character of Superman will continue to live on, inspiring others to do good simply because it's the right thing to do out of the goodness that is in all our hearts. Wearing a cape doesn't make you a hero- choosing to live your life by helping other does.

Brandon Routh was plucked from obscurity nearly seven years ago to bring back a beloved character to the silver screen last played by the late Christopher Reeve, no small feat by any measure. To many, Brandon will always be Superman. He not only lived it on-screen, but off-screen as well by donating his time and energy to charitable causes and carrying himself with the dignity and morality befitting a Superman.

Please know that I do appreciate your loyalty and support after all these years and I hope you look forward to seeing what Brandon has in store for us as much as I do.

I'm Always Around,


Unknown said...

Routh , como disse o texto, vc sempre sera o Superman , independente da capa , um grande abraço,Rafae - Sao Paulo - Brasil

Danny said...

Why the world doesn’t need a “new” Superman.

Superman’s greatest foe isn’t Lex Luther, Brainiac, or even Kryptonite—Superman’s greatest enemy has (for a long time) been Warner Brothers. For twenty some odd years Warner Bros. indecisiveness and lack of direction kept the worlds greatest Superhero on the shelf. Then after they deprived an entire generation of the beloved character they finally made the right decision and hired Bryan Singer to head one of the most anticipated films ever. Bryan and his team went on to write and create one of the finest Superhero films ever made—and Brandon Routh (in the starring role) was at the top of the list of great decisions Bryan made. Of the thousands of handsome young men that auditioned for the part, when Brandon walked into the room, Bryan knew he had found the perfect Superman/Clark Kent. And he did. Not only did Brandon look the part—he was the character—from the way he stood—to the way he spoke—and he made us all believe in Superman again. His portrayal of Clark Kent was spot on as well—his clumsy innocence endeared him to us all—everyone was pulling for him to win Lois’s affections. And by the end of the film they left us wanting more—more of the story—more of the awesome cinematography—and certainly more of Brandon. So what has the good ole boys at Warner Brothers decided to do? They decide to “re-boot” the movie—isn’t that what you do to your computer when it freezes up—or what they do to a Lumberjack that needs new shoes? So the movie didn’t bring in as much revenue as the greedy execs at WB wanted--$400 million dollars is by anyone’s standards, is a huge success and certainly qualifies as a blockbuster. The cost of the film was $200 million so they doubled their money—what more could they have expected? And that is just from ticket sales—it doesn’t even take in consideration toy sales, DVD rental and sales and the countless memorabilia items. And aside from the monetary aspect of it, the film was a beautiful, touching and heartwarming piece of work that any studio should be proud of, and stand behind. So now they take all the progress they made by introducing this generation to Superman and toss it all away to start all over again? What financial wiz at WB thinks this is a good idea? Part of what cost so much for the Superman Returns film was the development of the story, costume, promotions, ect. And they want to do this all again? If I were a stockholder in WB I’d be outraged.

Danny said...

Continued from last post

Most the population on the planet thinks of Brandon as Superman—if only one thing they take from the previous film, is the man that the world recognizes as Superman. From all the critiques of Superman Returns that I’ve heard, is that they all loved Brandon, so why on earth would you want to change that? Aside from Brandon’s talents as an actor—he also brings his legion of fans with him to this new film. I get it that some of the younger men wanted more “action” in Superman Returns, but I think they confuse action with violence. SR was huge on action but short on violence. Superman is the hero for all generations and I wouldn’t want to take a child to see Superman beat someone to a bloody pulp—or murder someone just because he can. Heck—I don’t want to see that. Superman is the ultimate good guy and his justice is solving crimes/situations without promoting violence—that’s the essence of his character and what makes him different than all the rest—he’s against violence unless absolutely necessary. Brandon exemplifies that character perfectly. I feel ripped off that I didn’t get to see the continuation of that story and now I’m not even going to see the man I think of as Superman play the part? As a lifelong Superman fan, to say I’m disappointed is a huge understatement. I was really looking forward to seeing the next Superman movie with Brandon in the lead role—and I’m certain there are millions of other folks that join me—maybe WB will realize what a huge mistake they’re making and reconsider having Brandon in the new film.

This new guy they hired for the film seems like a nice enough guy—but he seems better suited for a teen Vampire/Werewolf kind of film. For one, he doesn’t even look the part. I’ve heard he auditioned for Superman Returns and obviously didn’t get the part—there is a very good reason for that—he isn’t Brandon Routh. Why would you replace Brandon with someone that didn’t measure up for the first film? It’ll be like he’s wearing Brandon’s suit. You can’t take the Easter Bunny and put him in a Santa suit and expect us to believe he’s Santa, any more than you can put this new guy in a Superman suit and expect us to believe he’s Superman. Forget that he has an English accent or that he’s not as handsome as Brandon—he’s just simply not as perfect for the part as Brandon. I also heard that Kristen Stewart is to play Lois Lane—really? seriously? Are they kidding? And that Lindsey Lohan is to play one of the villains. Who’s in charge of this thing? It sounds more like a skit on Saturday Night Live than a major motion picture. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing that Brandon isn’t involved with this movie. At least his contribution to the character is of class and dignity. I’m certain with the success of the “Dark Knight” they will make Superman into some kind of ninja fighting machine. The main reason for Knights success was that Heath Ledger died and many people wanted to see his portrayal of the Joker. If they do to Superman what they’ve done to Batman it will be a sad day for our boy in blue. The only good thing I can think of concerning this movie is that I’ll save the $10 by not going to see it and stay home and watch the Superman Returns DVD—and I hope all of Brandon’s fans will do the same.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour à tous,
Effectivement, le choix de la Warner de ne pas reprendre Brandon m'a étonné. Seulement, je pense qu'il s'agit d'une décision purement commercial, afin de s'écarter le plus possible du précédent film qui, selon leur critère, n'a pas cartonné. Il faut faire notre deuil pour Brandon. Je tiens à saluer cet acteur qui, pour moi, incarnait vraiment tout ce que Superman représentait. Shamed.

karin said...

i love brandon as superman..

Anonymous said...

WB is greedy! And why the hell would they make Superman a dark character? Batman is a dark character, not Superman. Superman is the opposite of what Batman is and Brandon Routh played the role of Superman to perfection!(not to mention Clark Kent). If the movie did not live up to their greedy expectations, they need not see Brandon as the cause. Hollywood is so fucked up! For me, Brandon is still Superman!

stuw said...

I wish brandon had played superman a couple more times......

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