CHUCK Season 3 DVD

Thursday, September 02, 2010 by Iris with
The third season DVD and Blu-Ray of CHUCK is coming out next Tuesday September 7.
No more Mr. Nice Spy! Chuck is back and he's the Chuck you know: the hapless Nerd Herder hopelessly devoted to sexy super spy Sarah. And he's the Chuck you don't know: a master martial artist whose brain is locked and loaded with the new Intersect 2.0. How the two Chucks clash, bash and (sometimes) cooperate makes Season Three total, action-packed fun. More new stuff: A dashing rival (Brandon Routh) joins the team, someone from Chuck's Buy More life discovers his secret and Chuck learns the spy biz can turn the nicest guy dark and dangerous. "For the last two years, we've protected Chuck from the world," the General notes. "But now we have to protect the world from Chuck."
The DVD version will contain 5 discs whereas the Blu-Ray one will contain 4. Special features include a gag reel, commentary, and 2 featurettes.

Please pre-Order the DVD or Blu-Ray through these links - you'll be helping br.c out!

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