Review: Iris vs Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Friday, August 06, 2010 by Iris with
There's only one more week left until SCOTT PILGRIM hits North American audiences - are you ready?

I had the pleasure of catching a screening last night and, I must say, if you even have the slightest bit of a sense of humor, you're going to have a great time. In my opinion, the film shows people something truly unique: amazing fight sequences (choreographed by Jackie Chan's fight team) blended in with awesome editing coupled with video game/comic book references and great acting by all (Brandon Routh's Todd Ingram channeling a Bizarro SuperIronman) - all under the premise of a boy-meets-girl-boy-must-defeat-girl's-exes-before-boy-can-date-girl love story.

If you would like to help out the site, feel free to pre-order tickets at this link (or via the SCOTT PILGRIM ad on the right - you can't miss it as it's in red).

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