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Friday, August 13, 2010 by Iris with
Update: Empire is hosting a live webchat with Brandon and other cast members next Wednesday. Note they are located in the UK.

SCOTT PILGRIM is out today! I hope all of you will go check it out sometime this weekend and leave a comment about what you thought of the film right here.

There are many reviews of the film coming online as we speak, many of them praise Brandon's dim-witted Todd Ingram.

In addition, MTV spoke to Brandon and evil ex #1 at Comic-Con, Gordonand theWhale spoke with him and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and the Des Moines Register spoke with him over the phone to speak about the film.

Lastly, a new pop art SCOTT PILGRIM poster has hit the internet

As a sidenote, earlier this week Brandon spoke with Iowa's KCCI news to discuss the film. Here is the extended interview.

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