Campaigning for Obama in Iowa

Friday, September 26, 2008 by Iris with
Brandon will be campaigning for Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama this week at college campuses in Iowa as part of a "Vote Early for Change" rally.

Read more details at KCCI.


Stacy said...

My sister met Brandon last Friday at Simpson College. It appeared that my sister kindly asked Brandon to sign autographs for my entire family which he so happily did. I was so excited and thrilled that he did this because I watched him in "Superman Returns" and just loved him as Clark Kent. I hope he continues to portray the role of Superman in future movies!! My sister says he's a really nice guy.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy Brandon is for Obama--Dean Cain (that "other guy") that played Superman is a big McCain supporter--he was on Larry King last night. I know Brandon is the better and more popular Superman so his support for Obama is much more crucial. I'm sure Brandon's support of Obama helped him win Iowa, which is really the win that got Obama where he is today. I wonder if Obama will have a place in his cabinet for Brandon? Maybe as Superman Brandon could head up the Air Force :) Or as Clark be Obama's Press Secratary :) Just a thought....

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