Brandon Joins "Lie To Me"

Saturday, May 12, 2007 by Iris with
Brandon is currently filming the role of "James" in writer/director John Stewart Muller's Lie To Me, an independent dramatic comedy from an original script, depicting the strains of one couple's open relationship as they find themselves falling for other people.

Brandon Routh re-teams with "Denial" co-star Courtney Ford and stars alongside Steve Sandvoss ("Latter Days") in this Steele Films Production.

For more information, visit our Lie To Me page.


Anonymous said...

sounds interesting!
~ vmob84

Anonymous said...

Hey i am wondering. I just read the imdb page and I noticed Brandon Routh's name isn't there (although Courtney Ford's is there). I tried to update that page but then Courtney Ford is the only one to appear. (That's why her name is there.) Can someone confirm whether Brandon is just making a cameo, really starring in it or, none of the above?

Iris said...


Brandon is starring in LTM. The IMDb page hasn't been updated to include his name yet. I bet we'll see him up there shortly.

This news posting can be considered an unofficially official 'press release.'

Anonymous said...

I see... thanks!

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