NBAE League Championship Game

Saturday, April 14, 2007 by Iris with
Updated April 14: Stream a video interview (Brandon appears at 2:51).

April 3: Brandon was the recipient of the first-ever Sportsmanship Award.
"I'm really honored," Routh told me. "I want to keep doing the league. I might have trouble with it next year, I'll be away filming a sequel, but I'm going to try to play half the season."
April 2: In other basketball news, Brandon attended the NBAE League championship game this past Saturday where the LA Lakers beat the Atlanta Hawks.

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Christy said...

God love that boy. The fact that he is so sweet they make an award for him. That's our Brandon! Congrats dude!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Brandon! You'd better get used to winning awards because you are going to win a LOT of them from now on! :)

Thanks Iris for the news!

Anonymous said...

This guy is just great. Thnaks Iris you are doing an amazing job.

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