"Life Is Hot in Cracktown" Notes

Thursday, March 15, 2007 by Iris with
Updated March 17: The full cast has been updated to IMDb.

"Cracktown" has just started filming and the full cast has not been added to IMDb yet.

Even though Brandon is playing a drug addict, the independent drama has a very strong anti-drug message. His role in no way advocates their usage. The film will likely be rated "R," so it is not intended for children. Brandon will likely address this topic in forthcoming interviews.

Visit the Cracktown and Q+A [see #6] pages for more information.


Serra said...

I really can't wait to see Brandon take one something like this. I think it'll be fantastic to see him take on such a different role from Superman... although I do want the blue tights back soon!! :D

Unknown said...

Soccer and Heroes... The boy has taste. ;)

But I knew this after his call on the 06 World cup. :) Btw, if you're reading this Brandon, excellent call on the final. Very impressive.

Anonymous said...

(sobs);( please dont spoil my clean-cut brandon routh with drugs!!!!!!!!

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