Brandon Suits Up Again

Thursday, November 16, 2006 by Iris with
IESB interviewed Brandon on the red carpet about what villain we might see in the sequel: Brainiac.

Brandon also spoke with E! Online earlier tonight at the release party for the Superman Returns DVD and Video Game about donning the super-suit for a second time.
"I'm certainly excited to do another one. I don't think we'll start for awhile since we have a 2009 release, but I'm excited about the potential."

"They're all great guys and they do a lot of good things, but let's be honest with ourselves," Routh humbly surmised. "Superman is the world's greatest protector. So unless Batman's got some kryptonite in his utility belt, or Spider Man's got kryptonite in his webs, there's pretty much no stopping Superman." attended the event. Check out a picture of Brandon here.

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