Reeve Foundation Gala

Thursday, September 28, 2006 by Iris with
On Wednesday the 27th, Brandon was one of several special guests who attended a Christopher Reeve Foundation Gala in Beverly Hills that celebrated the lives of Christopher and Dana Reeve.

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Anonymous said...

the new photo is beauty, but...the licrys in the face?? what a pity!

estripe4 said...

very cool thanks for the update! Aw that is wonderful how Brandon and Courtney went to help such a wonderful cause and pay tribute to the life and work of Christopher and Diane Reeves! Love the new photos! They look Gorgeous! :)

epi_superman said...

i hope late chris and dana will rest in peace.
To Will Reeve, be patient.


Anonymous said...

You're in the air...your eyes so blue like the sky and your heart so strong like a supereroe! I miss you so much Chris, I love You! Forever!

Anonymous said...

I will never forget the first time I saw you in in 1978 superman movie
and will also always remember your smile at the end of the movie. I followe your career and love Somewhere in Time. Read you book and admire you and Dana tremendously. I have gained from your insights that I still recall today in hard times. Thanks to you both for you example of courage.

Anonymous said...

From one Superhero to another--both men are my hero's--Brandon reminds me so much of Chris--it's like he's another one of his sons--and I KNOW Chris would be proud and honored of the job Brandon has done with Superman Returns. Some people thought Brandon was copying Chris, but he was paying honor to him--and it was noticed and appreciated--everytime I see SR I get a little misty eyed at some of the scenes--Brandon really did a brilliant job of blending some of Chirs into his performance while still making it his own--I really think Superman Returns is a beautiful movie--I thinkit will go down in history as one of the best--and my personal favorite of all time.

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