Teen Choice 2006

Sunday, August 20, 2006 by Iris with
Updated August 21st: Brandon addresses the rampant engagement rumors to Extra TV and E!. Also, more photos have been added to the gallery.
"Superman Brandon Routh played coy about his alleged engagement, and when we asked if the rumors were true he said, "I’ve been hearing a lot about that. Maybe I did."
The awards were tonight on FOX starting with red carpet coverage at 7:30 PM followed by the ceremony at 8 PM where he presented "Best Chemistry" from his seat.

Click here for 83 photos of Brandon and Courtney Ford. Stream his presentation at LiveDigital.


estripe4 said...

OMG Brandon looked so good tonight! I love the new hair! (But I like it long as well) Loved the the saying on the shirt of "You Are Here" that was classic! Red is a good color on him but then again he is the man of steel.

Brandon and Courtney Ford were so cute together tonight at the show! I love those two!

Brandon did a great job presenting the nominations. I also loved seeing his name and the photo they used for him in the opening credits! Nice touch if I say so myself!

I was upset he didn't win. He should because he is an amazing actor. I hope he wins an Academy Award someday because he is so talented and a superb actor!

Anna said...

Darn, I missed the Teen Choice Awards and didn't get to see Brandon. Hopefully there will be video clips of it on the site soon? The pictures are great btw, thanks Iris.

Does anyone like Brandon's new haircut? I liked it better long. And is it me or did Courtney Ford get skinnier? Her thin arms remind me of how stick thin some Hollywood celebrities are. But Brandon still looks fantastic as always.

Nazish said...

i agreee. courtney does look like a stick figure. but they both look so happy together. i hope their relationship lasts. as for brandon..i miss u'r long hair....jet black, shiny hair.....luv u superman!!!!

estripe4 said...

I read in In Touch magazine this week that Brandon and Courtney are engaged and that Brandon brought the engagement ring at Neils Lane (Any relation to Lois LOL) not sure if the rumor is true you can never tell esp with magazienes.

But if it is I wish them nothing but the best they are so cute together and seem very down to earth and grounded.

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