Brandon Attends Iowa State Fair

Sunday, August 13, 2006 by Iris with
Updated August 14th: has a photo of Butter Superman.

Brandon was seen with his girlfriend and father at the Iowa State Fair today which runs August 10-20. This year's fair includes a butter sculpture of Brandon as Superman by Sarah Pratt of Norwalk, Iowa [article].

State Fair coverage can be found at KCCI and DesMoinesRegister. If you would like to share your pictures of Brandon and/or the sculpture, email me.


estripe4 said...

AW that's so cute! I am sure they all had a wonderful time! :)

Brandon mentioned the Iowa State Fair in his interview on David Letterman. He said how it was a huge deal in Iowa the fair and how when he was little he used to work at it and one year worked at the corn dog booth.

Glad they had fun I can't wait to see photos! Interesting article about Sarah Pratt her butter sculptures are amazing! I can't wait to see her Superman sculpture! :)

Anonymous said...

Brandon carved in butter..yummy! Does anyone have a hard roll????

Anonymous said...

CORN DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all have to say about Iowa State fair... and, yeah, i can't wait to see photos!

BJRluvr said...

man, what if brandon was a corn dog maker nowadays?!! lol that would be funny! but, i love you brandon! best wishes! you are an amazingly talented actor! you probably dont read this, but i still love you and you are my superman! i look up to you! i am an actress and you are now my FAVORITE actor! you are so talented! i lvoe you so much! thanks for keeping us airborne brandon! MuCh LuV~

Anonymous said...

hola amigos

Anonymous said...


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