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Monday, April 24, 2006 by Iris with
Updated April 26th: The ad appears next in "Rolling Stone Magazine" on-sale May 5th.

It appears that an official press release from the Milk Mustache campaign has been released, announcing the premiere of Brandon's ad campaign. Accompanying the release is a medium-resolution photo of the aforementioned ad. You may view the ad in the highest resolution here at br.c.

The folks at the Milk Mustache campaign sent me a high resolution image of Brandon's "Got Milk?" milk mustache advertisement. The following is some information about his campaign:
Superman Fuels Up with Milk - Bryan Singer's Superman Returns brings our hero back to Earth to help combat the forces of evil. Saving the world sure isn't easy but drinking milk gives Superman calcium to get the energy and edge he needs to battle his enemies. In the midst of promoting his new role as Superman, Brandon Routh has suited up for the latest "Got Milk?"(r)/Milk Mustache campaign to help promote the June 30th release of Superman Returns. The ad debuts in May issue of "Blender" and the copy reads: "Super. That's how milk makes you feel. The calcium helps bones grow strong, so even if you're not from Krypton you can have bones of steel."
To view the image in high resolution, click on the thumbnail or head to the gallery.

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