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Friday, March 17, 2006 by Iris with
Updated March 17: "BlueCrushFan" captured ET/The Insider's, Inside Edition's, E!'s, Access Hollywood's, and Extra's interviews with Brandon.

LatinoReview has put their description of the SR footage.

Images from AP and Reuters are here! Check out seven in the gallery.

SuperheroHype is also reporting that two new posters of Superman cradling Lois and Superman flying out of the Fortress of Solitude accompanied Brandon's award ceremony.

Ain't It Cool News saw the SR footage and got to interview Brandon as well, which will be online later. I just finished reading the run-down of the footage. Unbelievable.

As well as Access Hollywood, Extra will be featuring Brandon in their Friday newscast edition, so keep an eye out for that show as well. "We go one-on-one with the hunky new Man of Steel."

Getty Images and WireImage have up several images of Brandon with Hugh Jackman and Dakota Fanning. Simply search "Brandon Routh."

SuperheroHype is reporting that a new trailer did unveil at ShoWest tonight.

Access Hollywood will be airing an interview with Brandon tomorrow, Friday the 17th. Thanks to "The Visitor" and "Sandra" for the heads-up.

SuperheroHype is reporting that an allegedly new trailer was shown and that Bryan Singer could not attend due to a flu. More information as it becomes available.

Watch this space for continuous ShoWest updates as they occur.

If you attended and would like to share your thoughts on the footage that was shown and Brandon's award acceptance, drop me a line.

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