'Superman' Torch is Passed

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 by Iris with
Here's a really great article from USA Today on Brandon's reaction to receiving a note from the late Dana Reeve last year.
Midway through the filming of Superman Returns, star Brandon Routh received an envelope in the mail.

It contained two pendants and a letter. The pendants, each emblazoned with a red S, said simply, "Go Forward."

The note from Dana Reeve, the widow of Superman Christopher Reeve, said much the same thing.

"She said she thought I'd be a good Superman," says Routh, 26, best known for a guest role on Gilmore Girls. "She wished me luck. I can't tell you what that was like to get her blessing. I was nervous, because I had never heard from the family, and it's frightening trying to fill Christopher Reeve's shoes."
Read the entire article at USA Today. You can purchase Superman dog tags, like I did this past weekend, at the Christopher Reeve Foundation, which you will find linked to the right.

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