Brandon to IGN: The ATOM Suit is Badass

Thursday, March 05, 2015 by Iris with
Brandon Routh spoke to IGN (pre-spinoff news) about all things Ray Palmer/ATOM on ARROW. He calls the suit 'badass' and explains why Ray is the right man for Felicity right now. Plus, what would Brandon think about ATOM meeting Superman?

"This is different from the Arrow and Arsenal suits, and Canary - it's bada***" Routh said of his new look. "It's a whole different feeling from the Superman suit -- the only other suit that I've been in."

"It's a whole persona," the actor said, thinking about how this look altered his performance. "I mean, so is any suit that you put on, but this one is just different. It's cool."

Ray and Oliver's mutual friend, comrade-in-arms (well in computer hacking, anyway), and on again, off again love interest Felicity Smoak seems to be more invested in her dynamic with Ray at the moment. "There may be something she appreciates about hanging out with someone that's of the [more optimistic] ilk," Routh said.

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